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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Talk About Tuesday

Today I want to talk about a Christmas tradition we have in our family. Caleb will be five next month and Eva will be three in March. Up until now they have been pretty oblivious to Santa. Caleb still doesn't really get the concept. He knows who Santa is now but has no idea what he does. This is fine by me.

When Caleb was two he started to understand the concept of birthdays. He loved to say "Happy Birthday!" to everyone. We decided to make Christmas more real for Caleb by explaining how we celebrate Jesus' birthday. We sang "Happy Birthday" and even made a cake. Caleb blew out the candles and then we opened presents.

This has become a really nice tradition in our family that I think we will probably continue.

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  1. This sounds like a fun tradition!

    Jen @

  2. I've heard of a few people now who have this tradition. I think it would be a hit with my 2 and 5 year old also. Something I'll have to think about doing I guess.

  3. Cute tradition! It will be one that they will always remember! :)


  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    That is so great! That will be something that they will always carry with them!

  5. That's a nice tradition. I think that is a lot more real than trying to be all secretive about Santa.

  6. I think it makes more sense out of all the gifts at Christmas time than Santa does. Jesus gave us all the greatest gift.

  7. I know a couple of people who do this and I love the idea!

  8. I know of several families who have this tradition as well. It's a good way to teach children what Christmas is for.

  9. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Growing up, Santa always left a gift in our stockings, nothing big. It was very fun and magical to leave out cookies and see "Santa" at the mall, and it was also hard when we hit 10 or 12 and realized he was a "spirit of giving" type of thing. My husband John was the 2nd of 6 kids, and when he realized who Santa was, his Mom said "If you tell, no more Santa for you." and that was that. :>

    We will do the same for Rebecca. She is 2 and just from observation has become a huge Santa fan. She even begged to sit with Santa so we took her picture at the mall because it was soo darn cute. That was 6 days ago and she stills talks about it.

    I think either way, no santa or a simple santa, is no big deal. All things are challenged at school, including the tooth fairy and easter bunny and god, so we'll face it calmly when it comes by. Until then, Ho, Ho, Ho! ;>
    Megan in NM

  10. Lauren4:33 PM

    I LOVE that idea! What a great way to make them understand the celebration! Plus, it's an excellent excuse to have cake! :)

  11. My two year old boy doesn't understand the concept of Christmas yet either, but he sure does understand presents!! Great idea about the cake to illustrate Jesus' birth. That is what it is all about after all.

  12. My Mom made special coconut ice cream balls and we put candles in them and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. What a great tradition!