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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nelson Bakery

My kitchen has seen so much action these past couple of days it is unlikely to recover any time soon. Just last night I made a double batch of coconut sandwich cookies and the filling, two batches of rice krispy treats, and a double batch of fudge. Add that to what I've made in the past couple of days (haystacks, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, lollipops, breadsticks) and you can catch a glimpse of why I wasn't that excited to spend another few hours in the kitchen making tamales (Carl voted for vegetarian chili, btw).

I'm feeling good about all I've got accomplished, though. The gifts for the teachers (3), paras (2), OT specialists (2), and bus drivers/paras (4) are finished and on their way to school. The teachers and paras got homemade checkbook covers, the OTs got magnets and chocolate, and the bus drivers/paras got treats and herbal tea.

Treats for some people from church will be going out this weekend. I'm also in the midst of making the gifts for the whole ward Relief Society. I won't say what they are...because a lot of them read my blog...but they will get those on Sunday. I am also speaking in church this week so I need to work on my talk. Ay ay ay. When it rains, it pours.

All but one of my Christmas packages has been mailed (Eric & Connie will have to wait--sorry!). Wendy helped me out big time with my Christmas card picture. Dude, I need photoshop. I am picking those up at Walmart this morning and should get Christmas cards out by the day after Christmas. My sister, Lisa, told me that if people have lower expectations of you then it doesn't really matter when you get all this stuff done. Good point. This is the year where I lower the bar.


  1. I'm a huge fan of the photo card this year--click, click and I was done! I'll save my homemade cards (halfway done) for another year.

    I have wrapped all the presents but no one is getting a bow or ribbon. It's a minimalistic wrapping year.

    Next year I want to do a cookie exchange so I can have a big variety of cookies to give away, without all the work.

  2. We wouldn't have been home to receive the package until the new year, anyway.

  3. Eric-I was kind of counting on that. I figured if one of the packages had to be late it could be yours.

  4. I've decided ours is a New Years card/letter. We're doing a letter with the printed family picture card attached. I think it's one of those years for all of us.

    Shoot! I didn't even think to do a gift for the bus driver. I guess I've got one more gift to go.

  5. I'm lowering the bar even more. . .not only did I not get any treats made this year, no treats for the teachers or bus driver. . .sweet.

  6. Whew! You really have been busy! We will enjoy the card whenever it arrives. I'm nearing the halfway point with mine. Maybe I'll get them all mailed by Christmas. If not, so what. I used to be a perfectionist, but no longer.