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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Family Day Out

Yesterday we braved the crowds to do some after-Christmas shopping. Oh, wait. There were no crowds. We went to Wal-mart. NO LINE at customer service. NO LINE at checkout. It was crazy. We loved it! We also went to the mall where I scored these Handy Books for $5 each (I got one boy and one girl). They aren't the Daring Books that have recently come out but I was really impressed with the fun stuff included in these books. Carl is really excited about reading about knots and hitches in the boys book.

Last night I went by myself to Hobby Lobby and CVS. I got some of those butter cookie mini tins (that hold 20 cookies) for $.50 each. They are going to be really cute to decorate. Carl's happy he gets to eat the cookies. I also got some super cute gift bags that match my blog banner. I bought ribbon and wrapping paper, too. The wrapping paper is red w/ white paisleys and can be used for any reason---which I love!!! We had a fun day.

I wonder what today will bring? I'm trying to figure out how to go to Omaha to shop at the Personal Threads sale with the kids with me so Carl can work on the bathroom. I may just end up going by myself and then taking them out of the house when I get back. We'll see.


I though it was about time to do a mini giveaway for everyone that has entered so far.

A package of peppermint bath confetti will make its way to Heather! It might even come with a belated Christmas card!

Here are the details to enter the giveaway for my 1,000th post.
  • One comment per post between 12/24 and when I reach 1,000 will get you an entry for each of those comments.
  • Link to my blog to get an entry (let me know in the comments if you've done so and a way for me to check).
  • Bonus entries for answering my question of the day in the comments. You may have to search to archives or have been a regular reader for a while to know the answer.
The answer to yesterday's question was: Breckenridge, CO! In 2008 we're going to San Antonio! You know I'll be posting details about when the time comes.

Today's question is: I've mentioned before that when there is a particular competition on tv I have to watch it. It is a compulsion. It was on again last night. What did I watch? HINT: You'll find the answer if you dig through my Jan 2007 posts.


  1. I totally didn't remember that so I had to dig, so to make everyone else dig, I'll say the WSMC. I love those too. . .and I'm just like you, if I see it, I can't turn it off! They're crazy!!

  2. I was going to say Miss America (ha ha), but continued to peruse the posts from last Jan and finally, discovered it is really the world's Strong man competition. You are silly. I am not sure that I have ever come across that before, although I think Tony may have been watching it once. It makes me think of that commercial. Is it for orbitz? I can't remember...but it's where the little girl balances the big man on a chair on her head, and the annoucer lady keeps saying "Oh me oh my". Anyway. The things I think of.

  3. Where did you get the Original Girls Handy Book? I saw it at Barnes and Nobel but it was too expensive, would love to get it for $5

  4. I love the Strong Man competition. So addictive and so hard to turn off.

  5. World's Strongest Man Competition?

    Woah, I've never even heard of it. I guess I'm out of the loop. Sounds freaky. Now, if they made them all tango afterwards that would be something.

  6. Is it cheating to get the answer from other's comments? World's Strongest Man's Contest. I so didn't know that.

  7. World's Strongest Man competition~
    I love hunting through your blog

  8. haha! World's Strongest Man. That's a fun fun-fact about you, Christy. :) I don't think I've ever seen it before - perhaps I'll have to check it out.

  9. World's Strongest Man contest-and I totally cheated to get that answer, but I'm not sure WHY I didn't remember it.


  10. I was going to guess Dancing with the Stars but WSMC it is! I sure miss you Christy. When are you guys moving to NM?

    PS. My blog has a link to yours on the sidebar, is that what you meant by linking to your page? When I'm away from my home computer and all my bookmarks I use my own blog to find all my friends blogs, works great!

  11. Mary- you need to link to me in a post. Like, go to Christy's super awesome blog right now!

  12. World's strongest Man... Do you still watch Junk Wars *laughs* I remeber that from when you were in Lafayette :)