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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Weekend

We did a lot this weekend to celebrate the holiday season. On Friday night we were invited by Marsha to ride on their private bus for the Holiday Light Tour around Lincoln. Santa came on the bus before we left and handed out lollipops. They were excited to see Santa but didn't want to talk to him. You'll notice Caleb had his "hair" on. It is starting to become an obsession with him. Frankly, it is a battle I just don't feel like fighting. So, for now, he goes almost everywhere with his yarn hair.

The tour started around 7:15pm and the kids usually are in bed around this time. Caleb made it to the first neighborhood but after that, he slept the rest of the way.

Eva was up and it was all we could do to keep her from running up and down the aisles. She had a good time looking at the lights and kept saying, "Oh my goodness!". It was pretty cute.

On Saturday I went to my knitting guild meeting. We had our annual ornament exchange. This picture is all of the ornaments we brought. I got the felted Christmas tree that is in the upper left. I wanted it as soon as I saw it and now I know was made out of the same sweater that Julie used to make the bag I loved so much. I missed out on the bag but I got an ornament!

Today I'm going to try and put the kids in some cute clothes, make Caleb take off his yarn hair for a few moments, and snap some pictures of them to put in my Christmas cards. I've had the cards made for months but I can't get the rest of my act together to get them ready to mail.


  1. Janet7:17 PM

    I can't wait to see the pictures. They're getting cuter each year.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I just had to comment that I bought the same coat for Rebecca that Eva has on, so cute! But in NM, she has yet to wear the outer layer. Feel like coming to visit? ;>
    But she will when we go to Utah next week.
    Happy Holidays!