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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Sadly, there was no bath for me last night. This is not because we don't have a bathtub but more for the fact that I want my first experience in that tub to be glorious. As it is at the moment, I would be bathing surrounded by insulation and staring at pipes. Instead of bathing, I went to Lowes and bought our shower surround and checked out some possible paint colors. We also realized that our tub is smaller than the opening so we have about 6 inches of sub floor showing. Looks like I'm getting a new floor after all. Woohoo! I'm going to shop for that tomorrow. I also found a mirror I love and I bought the curtains to replace the closet doors in front of our washer and dryer. The bathroom is really coming together!


  1. I'm assuming you'll post pictures when it is done!!

  2. Tell me what color you're painting so I can copy you.

  3. I think we're going to paint it a greyish blue. The jury's still out on that, though.