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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We have a houseful today and I couldn't be happier. The Cooks are here visiting on their way to Utah (from good ol' Lafayette, Indiana). It has been almost 2 years to the day since we've seen them. Eva and Ellie were just babies! Kenna wasn't even on the radar yet! Harry and Zoe were some of Caleb's favorite playmates! Needless to say, we are having a fun time and they are going to be here until tomorrow.

I snapped these pictures just a few minutes ago. I had just turned on Curious George so Eva would sit still while Tara did her hair (she asked to do it!). Caleb is at school this morning.

Last night I was feeling really lucky to have company at the house and then right before bed I got an email from Heather with a link to a blog I read. I didn't have time to go to a lot of blogs yesterday so I missed the announcement. I WON AN ENORMOUS PRIZE!!! What a great day. It's going to be a great week, actually. Two more days until Las Vegas!


  1. Hi to the Cooks! They had just moved in right before I moved out. I remember little baby Harry and his adorable tie. There is nothing like a kid growing up to show you how fast time flies by.

    Congrats on the prize. You always win everything. Should be fun in Vegas.

  2. Say hello to the Cooks from me. I remember how much Emily liked Zoe. She loved having her in nursery with her. I can hardly believe how grown up they look. Have them give us a call when they get to Utah. We'd love to see them if they have time.

    I'm glad you got the email with the prize. I was surprised to get an email back from you so quickly last night. I was sure you wouldn't be awake that late.

  3. Way to go Christy! Is this a great week or what?

  4. Looks like fun. Congratulations on being the prize winner.

    When do you guys leave?

  5. Go, Christy! Say hi to the Cooks for me.