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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Flight

I flew Allegiant Air. They have two flights a week to Vegas from Lincoln and they are pretty darn cheap. You can't beat them. You can pretty much guarantee that the people you fly out with are going to be the same people on the flight back. I sat by two girls on the way out there that had just turned 21 and this was their present from their parents. Think for a moment about why their parents would encourage their children to party in Sin City just days after they turn 21? Can you wrap your head around it? I couldn't either. I told them to be careful. I saw them on Sunday and we chatted a bit on how their weekend was. They had a good time and survived well enough. They were really tired (heck, so was I!) and actually glad to be coming back home.

The couple next to us on the flight out was going to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon. When I saw them on Sunday the wife said that once she got there it was fine but the little plane they rode on to get there just about killed her. It was really bumpy. All in all I think they were happy with their trip.

I saw Shawn from Threads. He said hi to me, we talked about what we were knitting (I'm still working on my sweater and he was making socks), and that was about it. On the way home I talked with one of the people he was with for a while and she actually won $300 on a slot machine. She was smart enough to cash out and then she bought souvenirs for her family.

I sat by a really nice couple on the way home. We talked a lot about our trip. They saw Don Rickles and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The guy said he'd never seen so many hookers before in his life as he did at the fight. We determined that it was probably the best place for them to get work...but really, what do I know? It came up that I was Mormon and was going to church straight from the airport (even I found this a little humorous---coming home from Vegas and heading straight to church!). We talked a lot about the church, Mitt Romney, missions, feminism, etc... He said I was the funnest Mormon he'd ever met. I think I won him over when I said that I didn't know yet who I was going to vote for and that Mitt wasn't automatically getting my vote just because he's a Mormon. We also talked a lot about kids and they gave me some really good advice about working with the special ed department (they have a son that is mentally retarded). The flight went really quickly.

I'd definitely fly Allegiant Air again. They don't have complimentary beverage or snack service (it'll cost you!) but I was warned ahead of time so I made sure to buy a drink in the airport to take on the flight. On the way out they also hold raffles. You put your seat number on a dollar, throw it into the bag and the winner takes all. I abstained. They also sell show tickets and monorail discounts. On the way home they push the souvenirs. Again, I abstained. I was too broke.


  1. Sounds like a great trip. You are the funniest Mormon many of us have met!! That's a compliment to your wonderful personality. I bet Carl was glad to see you.

  2. I love the updates on the trip. BTW, thanks for letting me know about winning that book. I had totally forgotten to check back with that post, even though I often check the blog. Also, I got the cards, and I LOVE them! I am trying to decide who is worthy to receive one; as of yet, no one. They are sitting on my nightstand where I admire them each night. :) Blogging can be very lucrative!