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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Favorite Things

Oprah can do it and so can I! I guess the only difference is that I don't have enough pull with companies that they'll actually give me this stuff to give away to all of you.

For the next few days while I'm gone on my girls weekend to LAS VEGAS, Carl is going to be posting a few posts I did ahead of time that include some of my favorite things. Enjoy!

Today's item: The Family Skillet from Pampered Chef.I earned this skillet for free when I was a Pampered Chef consultant. Knowing now how great it is, I would maybe even fork over the money to get it at full price! I'd at least have a Pampered Chef show and get it for my 1/2 price item.

This skillet is big enough to cook 6 hamburgers at once and you can even put it in the oven to make a skillet cake! Have you had a skillet cake before? Super moist and FUN.

My Pampered Chef runner-up item: the stoneware bar pan.

I got these shoes from Target last month. The price was right and I just needed a simple white flat. I was expecting to wear them to church every once. I didn't expect to fall in love with them and want to wear them every day. They are so light it is almost like walking with no shoes on at all. Granted, when it feels like you're walking with no shoes on you wouldn't want to wear these to an amusement park or on a super long walk. They just make me feel really cute just scooting around the house in these and they can really dress up my "uniform" of capris and a t-shirt. These are the shoes that got muddy before the party earlier this month but they cleaned up nicely with a little wash and some bleach pen. That makes me love them even more!


  1. We have almost the same blog title- crazy!!!!!

  2. You'll need to share the skillet recipe, I've never tried it and I have that skillet.

  3. Janet5:19 PM

    I think I'll check out those shoes....

  4. Heather-I'm sure you have the recipe. It's in the All the Best cookbook from PC.

  5. They have a very similar pair of shoes at Wal-Mart. They have a strap across them, but looked cute. i almost got them. I better go to Target now and see the "Christy" ones.