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Monday, May 14, 2007


Some friends of ours that live in Indiana (the Cooks) are coming to stay at Hotel Nelson on their way to Utah. We are so excited for their visit. They are going to stay two nights on the way there and two nights on the way back. They keep asking me if there is anything from Indiana that I'd like them to bring.* I've been thinking for weeks on what I might want from there that I can't get here in Nebraska. We don't really need any Purdue memorabilia. The only thing I really want are tacos al carbon from Taco Rico but I'm pretty sure that they won't travel well. There are also things I know that are impossible to bring--like the Tippecanoe County Public Library (Hello? No late fees!!! Tons of DVDs!!! Free holds!!!).

I know a lot of my blog readers live or have lived in the greater Lafayette area so I'm asking you---what would you ask for if someone was offering to bring you something from there?

*It doesn't matter to me whether they bring anything or not--I'm just so flippin' excited for them to visit. Tara just keeps asking me and I think she doesn't want to come empty handed.


  1. Well, I was going to say tacos al carbon, but I see you already thought of that. Those were so good.

    Now all I can think of is food. The corn there was good. Hmmm. Yeah, I can't think of anything you'd need to have from Indiana unless you're into Ahmish furniture or something.

  2. Yeah, I don't really need any corn. Especially now that I live in the Cornhusker state.

    I miss our Friday lunch dates!

  3. Maybe she could freeze the tacos al carbon. If they were not that good would not be such a painful memorie that you can not get them...

  4. I thought it was tacos al pastor? What were the tacos al carbon? I want some too! Yummy! But probably won't travel well, I agree. Maybe they can just get the individual ingredients, and put them in a cooler, and then you can just reheat them and yum them up? I also miss the library. I have yet to be a library regular here. I was just thiinking that I wish I had taken a picture of the church. Don't ask me why, but I just thought of it earlier today. Nothing big really. Just a thought.

  5. Duh. I totally didn't read your moms comment.

  6. Kerry! You're right. Tacos al pastor. Mmmm. They have tacos al carbon, too but they aren't the ones that I would usually get. See? It's been WAY too long.

  7. Tacos al Pastor!!!! (slobber slobber)

    Kerry, you're totally right. I'm ashamed.

  8. Gayla2:41 PM

    Tacos al Carbon?

    We are talking about Indiana right?

    How about a polish dog with ketchup and Ruffles? Bologna and Parkay margarine on Wonderbread? Where the only way to serve vegetables is stewed in cream of mushroom soup and garnished with French's® fried onions?

  9. Julie-I've never heard of DeBrand before. Chocolates aren't really my thing, though. Although I looked at their website and would love to take a tour of their place. Looks fun.

    Gayla-a polish dog with ketchup and Ruffles sounds pretty good right now!

  10. Gayla5:25 PM

    Careful, it is a slippery slope.

    In 30 years you and Carl will be tooling around the Midwest in a Crown Vic.

    Him in his drunken argyle, you in pastel, polyester stretch pants and a seasonally-appropriate appliqué sweatshirt (jack-o-lanterns, easter ducklings).

    You'll have a yippie wiener dog and secretly curse the neighborhood kids everytime they make noise after 7 pm.

  11. Christy,
    I have no great suggestions. . .but you gave me an idea of something I need to try here. . .I've only had a chimichanga at Taco Rico (which was yummy). Now I know--I'll try the tacos al pastor next time! :) I also love the library here. . .they are building a new branch only a few minutes from our house just off of Klondike Rd. It's supposed to be done this summer. I'm so excited!

  12. Have a great time with the Cooks, and please tell Tara hello for me.

  13. Janet--you're probably going to see her yourself when you're here. At the moment they are planning on returning during your visit. Should be a packed house...but fun!