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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Boast Post

Dr. Carl is a genius. I know a lot of you already know this, but it is so true. He was a National Merit Scholar, he got straight A's all through high school AND undergrad AND grad school. I've only seen him stressed about school a few times. Now Carl is a professor. He works with a lot of other geniuses. I see him a little more concerned than normal. He is getting gray hair (which I think is totally attractive on him). Getting tenure is important and he's starting to feel the pressure. He's been here almost two years and has had little luck securing a noteworthy grant. Until this week. That's right, folks. Carl's trip to D.C last month paid off. He's still got a way to go toward getting tenure but I saw some weight taken off his shoulders this week. I couldn't be more proud.


  1. Woo-hoo! Go, Carl! Spend those tax dollars :-)

    I'm really excited for all of you. Grants are a big deal in academe.

  2. Congratulations, Carl! You know, Carl is one of those really rare and cool people who are smart in many ways and also fun to be around. He's a good one. I had no doubts that he'd be a successful professor.

    And I bet those grey hairs look very distinguishing on him. Hubba hubba.

  3. Yipee!! Congrats to you and Dr. Carl.

  4. sweeeeet! Congrats!

  5. Congratulations! It's so nice when something finally happens and you can take a breather for a bit!!

    And seriously. . I got all A's in high school. . .but undergrad AND grad school. . .now he's just showing off his smarties!!

  6. Carl's Mom12:28 AM

    That's great about the grant! (Go Carl!) You're the best! (I'm prejudiced.)

  7. That's awesome. Boast away. . .it's great to have a great and SMART husband!