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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Airport

I left Thursday morning to get to the airport but not before we had a meeting with our Bishop because they want to give Carl a new job at church. He's now the 2nd Counselor in the Young Men and SCOUTMASTER. Oh boy. He also still has his duties as Ward Mission Leader until they can find a replacement. I think he's looking forward to the new experiences.

Back to the airport. I flew out of Lincoln so it was no big deal getting there or parking. You can easily walk from long term parking to the terminal. The weather was nice and I was enjoying my first few minutes of solitude. I got in line to check in and I couldn't find my ID. I knew I packed it so it had to be somewhere. I looked in every bag. Not found. I got to the front of the line and really started to panic. The agent went ahead and checked me in without it (I had my credit cards) and informed me that I'd just have to have the deluxe pat down when I went through security. Woohoo! Once I checked in and they took my suitcase, I decided to go and check the car. My ID may have fallen out when I took out my ATM card to get cash. I looked in the seat cushions, under the seats, all over that darn car. I started to feel sick. Could it be somewhere downtown? I stopped to get lunch to go at Chipotle. Is it there? I stood up and felt something poke me. I reached into my pocket.

I had looked in every bag but had failed to check my own pockets.

Classic Christy.

1 comment:

  1. I hope the rest of the trip stories are happier moments! Once when I flew home from Las Vegas and I couldn't find my drivers license when I got home. I knew I had it when I checked in and went through security -- my panic was that I had lost it in the Las Vegas airport. I was sure I had put it in my pocket after security. Six months later my daughter was visiting and decided to move my mitten, hat, scraf basket. My drivers license fell on the floor. Apparently, I had put it in my pocket; then when arriving home had taken it out of the coat pocket and put in on top of the basket until I had time to put in back in my purse!