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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Dub Thee...

QUEEN JANET! My mother-in-law Janet guessed the correct amount. Right on the money. I spent $21 on Friday. I spent another $7.75 on Saturday morning at garage sales and we won't mention how much I spent on yarn yesterday in Omaha after our field trip guild meeting. I'm going to blog about that purchase tomorrow (without revealing the total--unless Joanne or Tana spill the beans in the comments) and show you how the yarn is turning into a beautiful garment. Or not. The debate is still out. I showed the yarn and the pattern (clearly, an adult sized pattern) to Carl and he asked if I was making that for Eva. Maybe it was because he only saw one ball of yarn and hasn't noticed the other 13 that I stashed away as quickly as I got home. Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Pictures of my newest knitting coming tomorrow!


  1. Joanne2:28 PM

    My lips are sealed.

  2. Does your husband read your blog?

  3. He rarely reads it. His brother (the one that reads this blog) usually calls him at work to warn him about anything I've written about him, though. He bought a new tent and lumbar pack on Saturday so I think we're pretty even. I'm not stressing out as much now.