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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tote Bags

In response to Catherine's post on reusable grocery bags, I've been looking up some patterns and thought I'd share them with the masses.

I've never taken the time to make the tote bag made out of plastic bags. I've seen a few made and they can actually be pretty cute. They won't be winning any design awards but if you carefully select the bags you'll use you can make them stripey or semi-solid.

Here is a link to a tutorial by Carol Duvall on how to cut the strips. She gives three different methods.

Here is a link to a tutorial and pattern. It is a pdf file.

If you'd rather use yarn for a reusable grocery bag, here is a pattern from Lion Brand.

If you're planning on using these bags for carrying home groceries from the store, I'd definitely go with the plastic bag option.

Has anyone ever made these?


  1. THANK YOU!!

    I love this idea. I feel like choosing between paper and plastic at the grocery store is some moral dilemma. Clearly I've got issues. I think I'm going to go for the string bag instead of the plastic one since I have all that yarn lying around looking at me accusingly every time I open my closet.

  2. Gayla3:44 PM

    Thanks you Catherine, for letting us know that someone was interested.

    I was bored enough to want to tie the plastic bag over my head.

  3. You know Gayla, when I wrote this post I was thinking that you wouldn't have anything to comment on.

    I stand corrected.

  4. I am secretly cutting strips and winding them into balls. I'm afraid to let T. see them or he might think I've gone completely crazy. Are you going to make one?

  5. Julie- I totally started one this morning.

  6. See, think how fun it would be for me to do your blog while you are in Vegas!

    I'll even do a crafty-knitty-stampy post or two.

  7. Gayla- I won't give you access to my blog but if you want to be a guest for a day, I'll certainly consider it. Email me your post (sra_nelson AT yahoo DOT com) and if it is as entertaining as your comments, it is as good as on!

  8. Gayla2:45 PM

    ALRIGHT! I can't wait.

    Because I am too lazy to read back, when do you need it?

  9. I'm leaving for Vegas on the 24th so if you want it up for when I'm gone, I'll need it by then. But I'll post a guest blog from you anytime!

  10. Gayla5:26 PM

    Writing furiously... I don't want my first guest blog to be a let down.

    Ohh the anxiety, will she like it? Will she ask me to guest post again?

  11. Gayla - Why not start your own blog? You seem to have a lot to say and it would certainly be entertaining, to say the least.
    Maybe your guest spot could be your spring board.