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Monday, May 21, 2007


On Saturday, the Lincoln Knitters decided to trek it on up to Omaha to meet with their knitting guild and then do a little yarn crawl afterwards. Two shops were on our agenda: Personal Threads and String of Purls.

I tried to have a specific project in mind when looking at yarn. I even brought my Charmed Knits book so I could get yarn one of those projects. Instead, I started looking at the sample knits all around the store (Personal Threads). I saw a really cute blue top and it was kind of like magic. It was a little like the magic Hollie and I experienced when we were shopping for my swing dance dress. I had to make it. Resistance was futile. I did try to resist. A little.

I couldn't find the pattern in the store. I found the correct notebook but it wasn't in there. I asked where I could find it. They got it for me. Then, I asked for yarn suggestions. They took me straight to the yarn the pattern calls for. They also showed me some that I could substitute (although those yarn choices weren't as good for the design). Maybe they wouldn't have enough yarn for me to make this top. The Lincoln yarn store sure wouldn't. Ha ha. But, this is Personal Threads. Of course they have enough. In every color they stock. Now I have to pick the color. I really liked the blue sample in the store but I'm also working on that blue cardigan and that just might be too much blue knitting to handle. I go to Joanne. She goes for this.

It is this gorgeous pink/hot pink number. Artful Yarns Flora in Hibiscus. 60% Cotton 40% Viscose (a fancy word for rayon).

I cast on pretty much as soon as I got home. I swatched. I got gauge. I cast on for the appropriate size. I knit and knit and knit. It was looking really big. I checked my gauge again. Right on target. I kept going. Soon, I could not deny the hugeness of it. I took it off the needles to get an appropriate measurement. It was four inches longer than I needed it to be. FOUR! While it was off the needles I checked the gauge again. Spot on. Huh? I soon realized that this yarn is a dirty little liar and I couldn't just go by gauge. I decided to make it a size smaller. It is going much better now and looks like it will fit me much better! I took it off the needles to measure and now it is the size I wanted it in the first place. Disaster averted? Time will only tell. On Saturday I was still having grand delusions that I might actually finish this before I go to Vegas so I could wear it to Celine. I know she would be oh so impressed by my hand knit creation. After I had to rip out a good chunk of knitting, I decided that I should remember that this will make excellent vacation knitting and just take it easy this week.

Excuse me, I have to go and knit now.


  1. That color rocks! I can't wait to see this beautiful sweater.

  2. It's so pretty - I can hardly wait to see it when it's finished!

  3. That is going to look muy cool. You should call it the seredipity sweater since you were meant to have it.

  4. Ahhh...the swing dress. That was a good day. Happy knitting:)