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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blog Worthy

There are so many things I could blog about today!

1. Last night's party

It was really fun although I had a mini-breakdown at about 5:15pm. The party started at 6pm. Carl still wasn't home by 5:15pm (this was expected) and I was trying to get some last minute stuff done (chopping onions, taking out the trash, etc...) and Caleb and Eva decided it was a good time to go outside. They "escaped" (I heard them go out and figured it was okay) but then Caleb turned on the water. I went down to shut it off but the area was so muddy! He was wearing my shoes so I had to go out there in my super cute new flats (I'm so trendy...actually I'm probably a season too late--I should be wearing wedges, right?). Back to the story. My shoes got muddy. Caleb flipped out. He pushed Eva down into the mud. Caleb fell into the mud. Luckily, my shoes were my only mud related casualty. This wouldn't have been too horrible if I hadn't just spent 45 minutes wrangling them to get them into clean clothes and fix Eva's hair.

Carl got home around 5:30pm and the first guests showed up at 5:45pm. This was okay because we had done about as much as we were going to be able to by that time and everything went well. The food got grilled. The weather was perfect.

We ate some great food and then played Karaoke Revolution. Four out of seven students sang. Fun times. Caleb performed, "I Got You Babe" and "Beat It".

I gave Kim, the graduate, a "N" sweater ornament. She's on her way to San Jose for the job of her dreams.

2. The Kentucky Derby

I've spent more time around horse racing than the average person, I would say. My dad and grandpa have been in the business for a long time. I grew up on a horse rance. I can see how some kids would have LOVED to live around all the animals and be on a ranch. I certainly enjoyed some of the perks..."riding" on the horse walker, biking down the ramp leading up to the dump truck, building forts in the hay. But I could definitely do without the smell, the dirt, and the scary horses. Yep, I'm scared of horses. I've been hurt too many times. We won't even go into my fear of goats.

You may be asking yourself why I would bother blogging about the Kentucky Derby if I don't even like horses?

I have a healthy respect for horses. I realize that it is because of horses that I had clothes on my back and food to eat. I have good memories of the race track. Our family had a box at Santa Anita (where we did most of our racing during the childhood years I remember most). It was right by Vic Tayback. He would always tell us to "Stow it!". Anyway, Lisa and I would pick our horses and bet on them (using pennies). Sometimes my grandma would get us a real ticket and we got to keep the money. My dad and grandpa never bet. I guess when your whole job is kind of a gamble, it isn't that exciting...or worth it (it never really is, though).

This is a lot of back story. I really just want to tell you about my scientific way of picking winners. Here is a link to the horses. First, I look at the odds. I rule out anyone with crazy odds (the biggest numbers). I usually rule out those with the best odds. Sometimes I'll look at their race history to see if they've had a lot of showings (top 3 finishes, mainly). From here I usually have a group of 2-3 horses that I'll choose from. The name of the horse is a factor. It has to be catchy. It should "speak" to you. Sometimes I would pick a horse based solely on the name. Then, I look at the silks. If they are good colors or have a nice design, they move up a notch in my mind. I also have to look at the horse. If the horse is a pretty color, I've made up my mind. That's the one.

Want my pick for today?

Hard Spun.

3. Cinco de mayo

I don't need another reason to celebrate my love for all things Mexican. However I feel it is my duty, as a former Spanish teacher and in my role as Sra. Nelson, to tell you that Cinco de mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day (Sept. 16th). In fact, in most parts of Mexico el cinco de mayo is just another day. It commemorates the Battle of Puebla where the Mexicans kicked butt over the French. I served my mission in Mexico (Guadalajara) and Carl served his in France (Paris). We find this mildly amusing (probably I do more than Carl).

4. Paris Hilton

Never mind. Not really blog worthy.

5. Knitting Group

I have knitting group today and I just wanted to let you all know of Hokie Healing. Here in Lincoln, Julie is organizing a mass mailing of squares but she lists the information so if there are other knitters that want to join in, you will be able to.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I sure wish you would share your reasons for your fear of goats. I need some reasons to fear goats other than that I just don't like them and have no good reason for it. John seems to have his mind set that we need to get some goats. I DO NOT want any. I like to look at animals occasionally, but I certainly don't want to own any. Icky!

  2. We had a goat named Bill (pretty original, I know). He was big and fat and mean. He had his little horns. One day I was minding my own business out in the barn and he kept chasing me and he kept butting me with his head. Finally I shut myself into a stall and Bill just stood by the door ramming it every once in a while. I was crying and trying to find someone to help me but nobody was around. I hated that goat. But, he ended up saving my grandpa so he wasn't a total waste of a goat. I just don't ever want to be around them.

  3. Joanne12:38 PM

    OK, now you have to tell us how Bill the goat saved your grandpa

  4. My grandpa collapsed in one of the pastures and Bill kept licking his face. Am I close here, Mom? I can't remember exactly what happened but I know Bill had something to do with it.

  5. Goats are mean. Yeah, it's kinda funny you didn't like horses. But I came to your ranch how many times and I never once even had an inkly to ask to ride a horse. I didn't want to. We're a match made in heaven.

    Sorry about the muddy mess. How come that always happens when you've already gotten them ready! I got a call at work yesterday from M and he had fallen down a ramp into a mud puddle at school. Everything was wet including his underwear. I had to dispatch his dad to go and get him new clothes.

    I heard there were bets going on what color hat Queen Elizabeth was going to wear to the Kentuckly Derby. Do you have a scientific method to decide that?

  6. Okay, the kids in the mud right before the party sounds like something on a sit-com. I hope you can laugh at it now. :)

    I didn't know you grew up on a ranch. The things blogging teaches you... Sounds pretty cool, although I can see why you would hate goats and horses.

  7. Janet8:52 PM

    Christy, Have Carl tell you about Dingaling, the goat we had. Oh, yes, that was before Carl. She was aptly named and had horns and a mean streak. We sold her to someone that wanted to clear a steep area of blackberry bushes. Good riddance!

    That mud escapade sounds horrible. How did you deal with the mess so quickly?

  8. Wow, pretty good. Hard Spun got 2nd today...and not by much! Next time I need to place a bet, I'll be giving you a call.

  9. Hey, I'm glad that party went good for you. I wish I would of been there to help out.

    I also went to a Cinco De Mio (sp) party tonight. I thought of you guys. There was a lot of dancing.

  10. Did I call it, or what? Okay, I didn't get the winner---but only because picking the clear favorite is against my better judgment. I'm happy with picking 2nd in this case.