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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I picked out some new frames and here they are! They are DKNY and weren't ones that I had chosen in my pre-shopping trip. It came down to these and the #2 frames from my previous post. I didn't go with the Adrienne Vittadini titanium frames because their sides were not hinged like these DKNY ones and that is what I have the most problem with when Caleb rips them off of my face. Hopefully these will keep their shape better and work for me for a while. They did bend back my other ones so I have a backup pair now.
While I was waiting for my pictures I had to browse the mall. I had a few bras that I bought for my birthday that I had to exchange at Lane Bryant, a friend to big girls everywhere. Underwire is not my friend. They were fine when I tried them on but when I wore them in real life and had to move and sit down and stuff, the underwire was digging into my side. So, I returned those (they were nice to take back the one that I wore for a few hours and ended up hating) and got a few other ones that are more comfy. I also took advantage of a sale and got some shorts and capris. These are the perfect length for me and I bought two pair (khaki and black).

I also bought two pair of these denim capris. The ones I got are a little darker denim and not so faded. I love these pictures on the mannequin legs because I can imagine my legs are just as white.

It was a perfect end to a kind of rotten day.


  1. Loverly! Very good choice.

    I'm with you on the underwire thing. I've never found an underwire that I liked.

  2. I'm glad that you found a pair of glasses you like. It'll be nice to have a backup pair too.

    New stuff is always fun.

  3. Hehe! My legs are probably just as white a the mannequins! Or close to it!

  4. Love the frames! love the capris - super cute! what a super stylish mama you are!

  5. Love the glasses and the capris. . .and we should totally have a whitey leg contest to start off the summer!!

  6. Those new specs are great. And the capris... I love your choices. Now it's going to be so hard deciding what to wear. I always put my favorites on a strategic rotation so they all feel the same amount of love.

    If you have a whitey leg contest, let me know. I am confident that I would win.

  7. I am totally in with the white know it's true. I thought you were going to say you liked the mannequins legs because they look skinny. That's what I would have said anyway.

  8. I probably wouldn't win the white leg contest only because I cast a fair amount of shadow due to my hate of shaving. I do it, but only when I absolutely HAVE to.

  9. So funny, John was walking by as I was scolling past this earlier today. He looked and noticed that you got the same glasses he has/had. How funny!