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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day

We didn't realize there was snow all over until after we had already got Caleb up and ready for school. Bummer. At least I had the good sense to check my email (they send it via email if you sign up--bonus!) before we went downstairs to wait by the door for the school bus. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first snow day we've had this school year. Most of the snow we've received has been on the weekends or during already scheduled breaks.

Carl was about to get ready for work and then we figured we better check to see if UNL was open. It wasn't. So, we're all at home chillin' today. Here are some of the things we're doing to spend the extra time at home.

1. I stayed in bed most of the morning working on the last bits of Eva's stocking. All I have left is to sew on the back and embroider her name. Luckily, it's only 3 letters!

2. Carl took down the Christmas tree. This was almost a month earlier than last year. Maybe next year we'll get it done by Valentine's Day.

3. I finished the right front section of my cardigan and cast on for a sleeve.

4. I taught Caleb how to play Tetris. Okay, he doesn't really know how to play yet but he won't let me play unless he gets to also.

5. I tried to put Zulu Knots in Eva's hair this morning. Bek inspired me. I did four before Eva resisted, ran away, and began to pull them out.

6. Carl finished doing our taxes. We used up the last of our adoption tax credit so our years of "free" federal taxes are over. I told Carl that a tax break is no reason to get another kid.

7. I paid bills but didn't get them out to the mailbox before the mail came today. I don't know whether or not one of us will venture out to get them to a mailbox before tomorrow.

8. We had smoothies for lunch and we're having meat loaf for dinner (I switched Wed/Thur in my meal plan because we had leftovers from taco night).

9. I don't know what we're going to do with the rest of our day. Eva didn't take a nap so I'm sure we'll have some cranky pants around here.

10. I'm sure we'll watch Survivor. My Thursday tv nights are difficult because we DVR Survivor and Ugly Betty at the same time American Idol is on. So, we can't watch it. Lucky for us, it is just the results show and that is usually pretty boring and I can just find out online who gets voted off.


  1. We barely watch the results shows either, I watched it in DVR fast forward last week. That's my plan for this week too!

  2. Yeah--a snow day! Everyone needs one of those once in awhile. What crazy weather everyone is having.

    The smoothies sounded really good. . . I haven't had a good one for awhile. You've made me crave one. :)

  3. Janet8:22 PM

    When I was in elementary school in Pleasantville, NY, we walked to school. Several times when they called a snow day (usually for icy roads), we got dressed and started walking, only to be told by neighbors about the cancellation. Ah, California!

  4. Janet-I bet it was uphill, too!


    We had foggy day schedules when I was in elementary school in Chowchilla. Sometimes my mom would send us out to catch the bus and it would never come--but she couldn't see if we were still waiting for the bus or not. We stood out there for a long time sometimes.

  5. It just ate my response!

    I'll try again---

    Lucky you. I need a day like that. However, we've had 5 snow days this year and we are going until May 31st to make it up.

    Kelly Pickler sang on the results show last night. It was a song she co-wrote. It made me cry. She doesn't look the same at all. M is so in love with her.

  6. Christy you did miss a funny part of the results show. . .they had Kelly Pickler on to sing her song, and she walked out in this dress with her "BOOOOSOMS" totally bursting out. She and Ryan chit-chatted for a bit, and he asked "So, have you been spending your money on anything yet?" She giggled and said "Well, shoes, of course. . ." totally oblivious to the fact that everyone was staring at her chest! The he said "Hmm, nothing else?" It was hilarious!

  7. I read a blog recapping the night and they mentioned the boob job. Hilarious!

  8. Hahahaha, you first took down your Christmas tree today?

    We are the same person!

    I usually leave it up until it is as dry as kindling (Feb, Mar, whatever), then I move it to the garage.

    We take the lights off of it on Father's Day every year as a Family activity! Then we use the tree as fire wood for a bonfire.

    Hey, we're recycling!