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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthday Celebration Overload

Events of the day:

Cupcakes at Wendy's house. Her little girl Whitney shares the same birthday with Eva.
Here are the kids playing with a little dog from Uncle Eric and Aunt Connie. It barks and flips over. Caleb was really scared at first. Eva absolutely loves it and kept patting her legs to have it come to her. Caleb will get close enough to touch it now.

Shopping at Toys R Us. Remember when I blogged about her loving that crazy two headed dragon "horse"? She saw some more of those same toys at Toys R Us and wanted them all Instead I persuaded her to choose a Dora backpack full of games.

We decided to try out Chuck E. Cheese after reading about Hollie's adventures. Caleb did pretty well. He only rolled around on the floor screaming bloody murder three times. It didn't help that they messed up our order and our pizza didn't arrive for almost an HOUR! They did give us 50 free tokens while we waited. So, the kids enjoyed playing.

Eva fell asleep on the way home from Chuck E. Cheese and that was the end of her whirlwind 2nd birthday.

Today is my mom's birthday! Have a happy one and your socks (both of them) are on their way.


  1. Love the wrist bands :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Cute pictures!

  3. Janet (Grandma N.)3:00 PM

    Thanks for the pictures. I wish I could hug them both.

  4. I used to have a dog just like that and I'm sure if I looked hard enough, I could find it at my parents. I could play with that thing for hours and hours... I always wanted an indoor dog, but my parents would never allow it. Now, look what I've gotten myself into...

  5. We took David to Valentinaland for his birthday. Smaller than Chuck E. Cheese's and better pizza.

  6. audra5:09 PM

    We've been to both ValentinaLand and Chuck E Cheese and they are both fine. CEC is good only if hit a non-busy night- otherwise its completely crazy! Valentina Land has about 20 games including skee ball and the ticket lotto game which I love. So it just depends- can't have high expectations on places like that. But it looks like the kids had fun and heck- mine are eight and still throw fits- sometimes even on the floor!

  7. This is just SO cute! it is so nice to see all the birthday celebration pictures. How FUN is that! I can't believe it has already been a year. Looks like you guys really made the most of it!!!!!!!!!

    Kristi McFadden