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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As has been noted on this blog before, Carl is very frugal. Once we realized that we couldn't live without DVR (a MUST for anyone that loves TV and has kids--we can watch our shows whenever we want, fast forward, pause...oooh, I love it), we got the cheapest package there was. It served our needs. We got most of the channels we love and the ones we didn't get would come around every once in a while on a free preview and we'd purge ourselves (e.g. Project Runway marathons on Bravo or any show on the History Channel International). Our first 18 month contract expired with Dish Network this month and some of the deals we had expired so our cost was going up. We were still going to have the least expensive package offered but they sweetened the deal with something we couldn't refuse. For $3 more a month we're getting twice the channels. I barely have enough time to watch all the shows I like in the first place, but not even Carl could resist the allure of BBC America (Robin Hood, anyone?). I'm happy with Bravo and the Game Show Network. Really, who can pass up an episode of the Match Game from 1971? Not me, that's who.


  1. I think I have this right --- in the 1990's when I got my first push button phone my daughter said, "Welcome to the '70's mom!"
    So, "Welcome to the 90's Christy!" You will really enjoy it -- as you already know.

  2. LOVE Bravo! And the old newlywed games are really funny too! And hey, what about Card Sharks? But I wonder, what kind of job could you get besides Game Show Host when your name is Wink Martindale? Hmm.

  3. I love my DVR. Though my selection of show is more along the lines of Murder She Wrote and Touched by an Angel. I do record NCIS but if it gets to gruesome I can't watch it.

  4. I've been watching the new Robin Hood. Now we can watch it together.