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Friday, March 09, 2007

Sick Day

*This is an old photo from back in September*

My little Eva woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose, an overflowing diaper and a fever. I put her in a fresh pair of pajamas, gave her some medicine and commenced the cuddling. I could tell she wasn't feeling well at all. When she had had enough of cuddling, she moved over to the recliner to chill out with her stuffed sheep, "CHEEP!". Hey, at least it wasn't her freaky dragon-horse.

When Caleb came home, he felt a little hotter than normal. But, he didn't have a high fever. I gave him a 1/2 dose of ibuprofen when I gave Eva her medicine. After that all he wanted to do was watch Mary Poppins. All afternoon I heard, "A Spoonful of Sugar". Good thing I adore that movie.

Eva left the comfort of her chair to come and lay down by me on the couch. I asked her if she wanted to lay down on me and she got up. As soon as she put her head down I felt the heaves. I spun her around and she threw up on the couch. I took off her shirt and was going to go put her in the tub but before I finished she puked one last time on the floor. In toddler terms this was a very dainty puke. It was not totally gross. I won't go into details but I was okay to clean it up, at least. I wrapped her in a towel and held her. She started to fall asleep. I put her in her crib with the towel and she napped most of the afternoon.

Caleb was pretty calm most of the afternoon and he cooled down. I was really hoping that when he woke up this morning he would be feeling fine. Lucky for me, he was! This is his last day of school before Spring Break. I wish the snow would melt and our backyard wasn't so soggy. I think it might be a long week.

Luckily, we have absolutely nothing planned for tomorrow. No committments that I know of. I have one goal: mail out all of the packages that I owe people.


  1. Sorry to hear your little ones are sick. Hopefully you won't get it too. David had it on Monday and by Wednesday morning both Kurt and I were bent over the porcelein throne.

  2. I know roto virus (I hope that's how you spell it) has been going around, Sam had it last week. That darned nursery!

  3. Roto virus is no fun at all actually when Timothy was 9 months old he spent St. Patricks day in the hospital. He could not keep anything down and easily became dehydrated. When you get your mailings done be sure to grab some pedialyte. I used to keep it on hand but knock on wood no sickness in over a year. Hope Ava gets better soon.

  4. I mailed my package to Eva today. They said it will arrive UPS on Tuesday. I found a little horse purse on ebay yesterday. It will be shipped directly to you. So sorry the kids are sick.

  5. Sorry to hear that the kids are sick. Hopefully you have a recoup weekend.

  6. Sickness is no fun at all. I'm so sorry.

    Get well soon little Eva!

  7. Is there anything sadder than sick kids? At least they're sick in a lazy tired sort of way so you can cuddle and watch Mary Poppins. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  8. I'm proud of you for handling the throw-up mess. That is no fun for anyone. (I'm not trying to be condescending here, I've known Christy since we were young'uns and only contemplating such ickiness and neither one of us thought we could handle it.)

    I hope you are still hanging in there now that it's hitting all of you. Yuck!