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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blog Therapy

I love my blog. I love writing every day. I love reading other people's blogs. I love getting comments. I love giving comments. For the past 2 1/2 years it has been an almost daily ritual with me. I get to read what is going on in my friends' lives. Friends that I probably would have lost touch with but not now! I know more about some of them now than I ever did when we lived in the same town. They also know a WHOLE lot more about me. But, I have pretty much been an open book even pre-blogging. Most of my friends heard all about it when I was going through fertility treatments, they knew about all the adoption drama and successes, and now they know that I am having a heck of a time learning how to parent a child with special needs. Honestly, I'd probably be having a hard time learning how to parent any child--regardless of special needs--because aren't they all "special"? This blog has been my therapy. A bit one-sided, but therapy nonetheless. Theraputic. Yep, that's it.

Today I'm going to do something that feels a little bit like cheating on my blog. I'm starting therapy. Looks like we'll have plenty to talk about.


  1. Hey Christy

    I have just started my own blog and I know exactly what you mean about it being therapy. You can find it at Happy reading and writing!!

  2. I have been asked recently by a few people what all the hype is about blogging. I was that way myself back in the day, but I am just as hooked now as you! It is good therapy, and very fun to keep up with friends this way.I was just thinking about this myself last night. Wow! Bloggers must think alike!

  3. Good luck with the therapy! I love your daily blog, you inspire me!

  4. You just go ahead and cheat on your blog! I hope it will help having TWO kinds of therapy (oh, and don't forget book club therapy too!)

    Can I also say that I love that you get up earlier than I do and so you usually always have a new blog waiting for me? THANKS!!!

  5. Your blog is a ritual for me. I am also an avid reader of some of the others.
    It is addictive.

  6. PS....I taught a class on line yesterday and while we were waiting for participates they all saw the latest picture of Caleb and Eva on the screen. Lots of oohhs and cute.

  7. I always try to finish my blog in the AM after Caleb gets on the bus. This morning Carl needed to use the computer before he left for work and told him that he was breaking into my "work". I said, "People depend on me! They need to read my blog!".

    ha ha

  8. LOL it's good therepy. i always wanted to have a journal but i'd start one and then stop. now with my blog i get comments and meet wonderful people and it's great!

  9. I really love your blogging ways so blog on, sista!

    And who doesn't love comments? Some days I think... if I could only get 10 comments, then I would be a super blogger. Some day, some day.

  10. How does it feel to be a super blogger?

  11. Thanks for putting me over 8, Deb! Lately that's what my posts have been getting. Eight, eight, eight.

    Not that I'm counting or anything.

  12. holy cow!- your up to 12- is that a record?- love your blog and love how open you are!

  13. It is a great way to keep in touch and to get to know other people. I also like drawing from other people's ideas and not feeling so alone when I feel like a bad mom or have a rough day. I am not much of a phone person; so this is a good way to get it out and share. . .I love reading your blog--I agree it's great therapy. BTW, we checked out a Laurie Berkner (sp?) cd at the library today. Elise seems to really like it! Thanks for the suggestion!

  14. I just had to add to your high number for the day.
    I have told you before, I check your blog everyday. Awesome!
    You make me smile, laugh and remember the good and bad of parenting preschoolers.
    Just wait til they are teenagers!

  15. Thanks for all the comments, people!

    My therapy session went really well and I'm looking forward to going again. I didn't know this before but my therapist has adopted trans-racially as well. I think this is going to be good for me.

    My homework for the week: Ask why I am so hard on myself.