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Thursday, March 08, 2007

For the Girl That Has Everything

Little Miss Eva's birthday is next week and she's going to be a whopping two years old. I'm trying to do a little internet research on something to get her. This stamp set seems to be the most promising. When I'm daring enough to get my stamps out when she's awake, she loves to come and sit with me and stamp. I let her use stamps with no ink. She pretends to ink them up on the table (by pounding them three times--much like I do) and then she stamps onto paper. It is really cute so I think this stamp set by Melissa and Doug would be a good option for her even though the recommended age is 4 and up. Target carries their toys (which are really fun and attractive and QUIET) so I think I'll be heading that way sometime this morning. And, if they don't have this particular item at least I know where to find it online. *Deb-you might want to point Julie in this direction if she wants to get Breanna something with washable ink!*

I also found this cute little sewing and lacing kit. This toy would probably serve Caleb more than Eva since these are things he is working on with the occupational therapist. So, that is why I won't get it for Eva for her birthday. I was happy to find one online. I have such a hard time finding toys for the kids--which is probably why I avoid shopping for toys so much and just let the relatives fill up their toybox.

One thing about Eva is she is becoming obsessed about horses. I don't know whether or not it is because she knows how to say the word or if it is because she genuinely loves them. Any horse-like toy we have is a horse. Any camel, burro, zebra, not exempt. She has a rocking horse that she got for her first birthday and LOVES IT! She takes her little "horses" and carries them with her. She likes to take them to bed with her. We have this huge, ugly two-headed dragon that Caleb picked out with his birthday money from his Greatgrandma Jacox and Eva just loves that thing like it is her baby. She likes to find it first thing every morning and cuddle with her "horse".

Something else that she likes to do everyday is put on makeup. She'll come into my bathroom, point to the drawer and say "lips". Her daily beauty ritual is watermelon chapstick, an little blush brush for the cheeks, and some Mary Kay spun silk eyeshadow. Between all the dressing up, makeup, and horse loving and I'd say that little Eva is a lot like my sister Lisa.

I don't know how we're going to celebrate for Eva's birthday. It is Spring Break next week for Caleb but not for Carl. We're going to try and have him ditch work one day or two next week so he can play with us. I think we definitely need an outing with the kids. We haven't been to the Children's Museum in a while or the Omaha Zoo to see the penguins again. You'll hear all about it--whatever we decide to do.


  1. If you are going to Target- then check out the bubble machine. its like $10- it comes with the batteries and bubbles- and it is sooooo much fun! Especially outside and letting the kids chase them! The twins still like ours... and their 8- anyway...I am on the bubble machine bandwagon and just spreading the word

  2. The stamp sets looks so good that I think I'll get my 10 year old granddaughter one. I hope she lets me play with it!! Eva has you to model so I'm sure she'll be better at it than I will be. The kids love bubbles -- unfortunately bubbles have been banned from the church nursery because they said it made the carpet get dirty faster!! Let me know if Target has the stamp kit! and the bubble machine!!

  3. I have had good luck with Melissa and Doug toys for my grandkids. They are available at our little book shop in Seward. I am glad to hear they are at Target also.

  4. How fun! I love kids birthdays. I bet she'd love that stamping stuff. Bruce went through a horse phase too. Thank goodness for garage sales.

  5. I've decided all cool toys are for ages three and up at least. Anything Melissa and Doug is great! I love those gift ideas for Eva.

  6. Cute stuff! My girls love those lacing thingys, I may need to get some more of those! I've been trying to find Whitney one of those toddler play purse things, she found one of our old play lipsticks and walks around and puts it on everyone. Then when she's done she even makes the smacking sound with her lips!

    We should still get them together for cupcakes or something?? I have to work in the afternoon on Wed, but let's chat!

  7. you may want to check out the my little poney big babies. they're like dolls that the girls can carry around. my little one who turned 2 last oct. just loves her's b/c it's like a baby and it's a horse so she carries it around everywhere. i think the stamp set is great! that way she can stamp while you stamp. i'm sure she will love it.