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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last Nail in the Coffin

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to write about how much I hate RUSSWOOD CHRYSLER! We will never, ever go there again. That is, unless I decide to shoe polish the van---then I'll drive around the dealership all day!

The last time we left this saga, they had stepped up to the plate and offered to pay for $100 worth of work on the water pump (that was leaking when we purchased the vehicle). The appointment for the service was today. Carl took the van in and then the courtesy van took him to work. I got this email from Carl this morning:

So this morning they quoted me 400 - 100 = 300. I said wait a minute, our other van cost much less on the water pump, so then they said 300 - 100 = 200. I was like ok, that's more like it. Then I called a local shop to get a second opinion. They said right around 200. So I called Russwood and was like what's the deal here. So then they were like, ok it's gonna be around 230 after tax, minus 100 = 130. I was like thanks buster that's what I thought.
Excuse my grammar - just thought I'd give you the play-by-play.

Carl's not going to say anything more this afternoon when he goes to pick it up. I wish he would. But, we are going to report them to the Better Business Bureau. And, of course...I've got all my blog readers that now know never go to RUSSWOOD CHRYSLER for sales or service!


  1. I am glad Carl pursued the issue! I think it is awful that they would try and rip you off again. I won't be buying anything at Russwood!!

  2. But hey! Look on the "sparkly" side! You got free jewelry out of the deal!

    Just trying to be a bit positive. But that really does stink. I am sorry.You wonder how many other people have gotten ripped off by them too.

  3. I'm glad Carl kept going and even thought of getting a second opinion. I can't stand dealing with some car people. When I was seven months pregnant with Carson we thought we would trade in our 1986 Delta Eighty-eight for a new Saturn. They were so rude trying to convince us to do it. They told David that he was putting his pregnant wife in danger while driving the car. We didn't and we went 3 more years with the car we had. I have always looked back in regret about how we have spent money but that decision was a good one.