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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Spy

I spy with my little eye...

No, not Mr. T. Well, I do see him (Call Your Mama) but that's not what I'm really looking at. Look to the right of Mr. T. What was lost is now found. It's magnetic. So, I put it on the fridge and promptly forgotten I had done so.

In other news: I got my package from my Sock-ret Pal. This is the best swap I have ever been in. Christa was my pal and she made me the most wonderful socks. She also included More Sensational Knitted Socks. I had heard of the first book but never looked at it. If it is anything like this sequel, maybe I should go and get it. It has a stitch dictionary in the back and the basic sock patterns are easy to personalize. I've knit enough socks that I could do a lot of this myself, sure, but why should I bother myself with all the math when it is already done for me in this book? Yippee.

She also sewed me this super cute bag. I can't tell you how much I love it. I LOVE IT!
And the yarn? Gorgeous.
Stuff for my kids? Check. These little workbooks look so darn fun. She sent Let's Color and Let's Sticker & Paste. They look really great and I know they are going to love coloring and pasting in them. I can't believe I've never seen these workbooks before. They look like something Design Mom should review.
Nuts. Mmmm. Pistachios. From California. Sorry, Mom. You can't have any. *we are very much in love with pistachios*

I guess you can guess the theme of my package from my Sock-ret pal. THINGS THAT I'M LOVING VERY MUCH! Thank you!


  1. Those pesky magnetic temp/timers always do that to you. But, I'm glad you found it! I *lurve* mine and it so came in handy when I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey. The bird was fully cooked and so juicy because I took it out based on the temp.

    Now, about that swap pal of yours... I'm jealous. Really. She hooked you up big time. It's wonderful swap pals like her that make me interested in things like the sockapalooooza, so I hope I'm just as lucky as you!

  2. Amy-this is the first time that I've EVER had a secret swap partner come through for me. I told myself that this was the last swap I was going to do.

    I take that back--my International Scarf Exchange worked out really well. But, none of my previous secret pals have come through. It wasn't entirely a bust, though. The people I gifted to are now blog friends (Star Knits and Some Call Them Sticks and String).

    *My flip-flop exchange worked out well, too. But, it wasn't a secret exchange.

  3. Those socks are lovely. I never find such nice sock yarn -- perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough. Or maybe the universe wants me to use the assortment of sock yarn I already have before I find more that I love and must buy. The universe looks out for me.

    An excellent secret swap package all around! Enjoy!