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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I think I won my round. I don't have confirmation of that yet, but nobody else in my group has posted a picture yet. My hands hurt and I'm glad to be done. I used the exact yarn specified but it came out with fewer rows than were deemed necessary for a win. So, I included the extra rows (plus a few for good measure) in my stash yarn. It will look nicer once I block it but I didn't have the luxury of doing that before I snapped a picture for the win. The next round starts on March 17th so I guess everyone at the knitting guild will see what the next pattern is there!

I'd like to thank my husband for his support during these past two days. I'd also like to thank my knitting group that didn't come out and call me crazy straight to my face even though I know they all were thinking that.

I'd also like to thank my adorable children. They wanted to go outside this morning while I was knitting. They were ready for church and I was trying to stall them from going outside. I kept saying, you need a hat/scarf/gloves/etc... They finally went out the front door and rang the bell. When I answered the door (I saw them go out there and I grabbed the camera), this is what I saw. They had dressed themselves and you can't see it but Eva has on one pink glove and is carrying a little purse w/ a stuffed Big Bird doll in it. Cute stuff.

Oh, yes. I can't forget to thank Marsha for letting me knit in Relief Society and not telling me to my face that I'm crazy, either.


  1. Janet7:32 PM

    They are truly adorable. That's a cute shot. Thanks

  2. Love the scarf... great work! Those kids of yours sure are cute!!

  3. Awesome job. That is so funny that you knitted (that is the past tense of that word, right?) during Relief Society. So, what do you win? I hope something awesome...sounds like the winner deserves somehing awesome.

  4. I probably won't win anything. This is only the first out of four rounds--single elimination. It will all be over in mid-April but I'm not anticipating making it out of the next round.

  5. Christy, I think you are awesome. What a neat "hobby" -- the competition really adds excitement. We all need some release from the day to day routine! The kids are adorable--what a precious moment! I'd say you had a great day!!

  6. No, you're not crazy. I'm enjoying living vicariously through you... I saw this on the web and thought for a moment that it sounded like fun. But I'm too snooty about patterns and not competitive enough to overcome that snootiness so I decided I wouldn't enjoy it much. But I'm enjoying watching you do it...and win!

  7. Congrats! I don't think you're crazy. I'd do it, too, if I didn't already make a promise to myself to finish up some of my UFOs before casting on another project. You go, girl!

  8. Way to go on the knitting project...but hey what is a post without a picture of the kiddos.