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Friday, March 30, 2007


Carl is on his way to Washington, D.C. today to try and convince the government to fund some of his research. I don't know exactly what it is for but it has something to do with putting sensors on train tracks and generating energy or something like that. I try really hard to keep his projects straight and understand what they are about. But, he can't keep all the knitting projects I have straight so I guess we're even. Getting this grant is really important to him and I hope he gets it. He's really getting stressed about getting tenure and this would definitely be a step in the right direction. I am not too worried about him getting tenure. Carl's really, really smart (even for a professor) and I know he's working really hard. He just needs to get some concrete evidence (GRANT MONEY) that his research is worthwhile to the university.

Carl is coming back tonight so it is going to be a long day for him. His flight is probably just now leaving and I *might* be awake when he comes home. I'm glad we have this weekend to relax.


  1. Good Luck Carl!!!!

  2. Carl will do great! That does sound like a really long day.

    verification: ecsuq--- is this how you would spell the slang way to spell excuse me?

  3. What is it with these guys of ours and all the stress they are putting on themselves to get tenure. John has totally turned into a different person since we moved here and he's working on tenure also. He just got his first grant and he is still just totally stressed beyond anything I've ever seen him like before. He still has 4 years before he even goes up for tenure. I think they should give themselves a little more credit. Good Luck Carl!

  4. I think they just want to be able to provide a good life for us, don't you think Heather? Tenure=stability. Carl has been nominated for a few awards this year and has been getting some smallish grants. But, he could really use a big one to take some of the pressure off.

    btw: When I go to blogs w/ music my computer freezes up so I haven't been able to comment on your blog lately (or Kerry's for that matter).

  5. That's good to know Christy, thanks for letting me know. I've updated my blog so the music doesn't autostart. I hope that helps.

    Yes, I think you are right, they just want to provide us a good life. What good guys we have.

  6. Janet, the prof's mom4:28 PM

    We're keeping our fingers crossed for him. Who could deserve it more?!!!

  7. I was talking to Ryan about this just now, and he said, "as stressed as I am now, it's going to be like this and more the first five years of being a professor. Once I get tenure it's smooth sailing from there".

    Honestly, I had no idea about this, till now. I knew he had to get tenure, but had no idea it entailed a super stressed out husband. Will it ever end?

  8. Once they get tenure it takes like an act of God to get them fired so it's a lot less stress. Still a lot of work but less stress. I hope.