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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Round Two

Round two of the International Knit-off was today. The pattern was a doily. I've made tons of doilies in my life but never once have I knit one. I wasn't too excited about having a doily like this so I used up some of my scratchy vintage acrylic. I'd post a picture but I didn't take a very good one. You see, I had knitting group at noon today and at 11:00am I had just a few rows left to go. I had to finish before I left. I cast off and took a picture at 11:50am, posted it to the site at 11:52am, hopped in the shower, and was at knitting group by 12:20pm. Not bad. By the time I was there the last thing I wanted to do was knit. So, I just sat and listened to the program (finishing techniques). We also chose a logo for the guild. Towards the end of the meeting I got out a sweater I had started for Caleb over a year ago. The knitting is finished, I just need to seam it together. I started that and will finish it soon.

My allergies started to really act up today and I didn't take any medication until I got home from knitting group. I got super tired and took a nap for almost 2 hours. I'm still not feeling so great and now I'm wondering if it isn't something more than just allergies. I hope not. Caleb is feeling much better today but with me not feeling that great, we're both going to stay home from church tomorrow just in case. Hopefully I'll feel good enough tomorrow to do something besides just sleep.

Oh yeah, I won round two. Turns out that the lady I was competing against didn't even check her email for the pattern until I was already finished. The hostess of this competition vowed that the next pattern will be much more challenging. I have two weeks to rest up. Luckily it will be during General Conference weekend so I'll have lots of prime knitting time.


  1. Congratulations. That poor girl didn't have a chance.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    You go girl. I can't imagine you losing a knitting competition. You should do the next one ROCK! Shanna