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Monday, March 26, 2007

It Was the Russian Judge

There has been some controversy in the International Knit-Off and has resulted in my being disqualified. It's too bad for the eventual winner because it will always be tainted that it should have been me! Here is what happened:

There is a yahoo group set up for the competition.

In the files section there are rules and regulations.

The rules state clearly:

The Rules

The first person to complete their game wins and goes through to the next round.

For a game to be considered complete you must take a picture of your finished item and post it in the yahoo group pictures area as proof of finishing and timestamp. First in the game to post is the winner. Without picture post proof you will be disqualified.

If you'll recall, I was busting my bum to finish before I had to be at my knitting guild meeting. I did. I didn't just post a picture, I also posted a message to the group stating that I had finished.

My competition hadn't even checked her email for the pattern before I was finished!

I assumed I was the winner of the round.

This weekend, we got an email listing the participants for round 3 (the final 8!). I wasn't on it. I posted to the group questioning that rationale.

Apparently, I didn't send a personal email to the person in charge so my competitor wins. was never stated in the official rules to do so.

But, wait! It was brought to my attention by another participant that in post #90 something was said about emailing, too.

Oh, of course! Post #90. How could I have missed something so obvious? *oozing sarcasm* I would think that if there was something this important, the rules file should have been updated. Am I wrong?

This competition is run by the same person that did Sock Wars. Sock Wars was a logisitical disaster. It was poorly run and was marred with confusion. I only consented to do the International Knit-off because I thought that what was so bad about Sock Wars had been solved with this new style of competition. I should have been clued in when the very first pattern chosen was a scarf (we were given a requirement of DK weight yarn---for a scarf!) and the pattern didn't give any indication on when to stop! We were just knitting and knitting waiting for the person in charge to give us an indication of how long it needed to be and she was missing for 2 whole days.

I'm disappointed it ended this way. I guess I'll just have to continue being the Queen of all Knitting in my head...and never, ever enter another competition by this person again!*

There's always the State Fair.

*Although, I'm pretty sure that after all this snarking I'm banned from future competitions anyway.


  1. Dang- I didn't know this knitting stuff was so technical and competitive! But I say- Good Riddens! I still think your the best knitter I've seen!

  2. This is an OUTRAGE!! We need to start a letter writing campaign! I think YOU should set up your own International Knit-off. . .and bring everyone to your side (dark side or not. . .it'll be better!! And the rules will be clear!!)
    Note to self: Always check post #90 for rules.

    Seriously. . .that stinks.

  3. You've gotta watch out for those Russians (inside joke, remind me to tell you about it sometime). You ARE the undisputed Queen of Knitting, so let the so-called winner choke on her tainted victory.

    And when you talked about there being no limit on the scarf size, I couldn't help but remember that scene from PeeWee's Big Adventure where he talks about the sweater that someone keeps on "knitting and knitting and knitting..."

  4. You were robbed! I signed up for Sock Wars then dropped out before it started. I just didn't want the pressure of having to race to finish a pair of socks that I didn't even get to keep. Thanks for the great Sockret Pal Package! I've posted on the Sockret Pal page and on my new blog. I had to ditch the old one for technical reasons.

  5. That really sucks. You are still the Queen of all Knitters in my book as well!

  6. Cindi-glad you got the package!

    Melessa-some of us totally felt like that scene from PeeWee's Big Adventure!

  7. Christy,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the knitting disqualification. That royally sucks! We all know you're the true queeen and that's all that really matters anyway.

  8. Oh no! With all that unchanneled competitive spirit, I think I'm a little scared to enter the State Fair now. ;)

  9. That sounds like something you should write to Ellen about. . .she would totally make sure things got made right!!

  10. Anonymous7:11 PM

    What a disappointment. Some people just aren't very organized, and that makes it difficult. Maybe one day when your little ones are older you'll be able to host a competition! I bet you'd be awesome!

  11. Crazy! You should start your own group or contest. Call it Anti-Sock Wars! That will get em.