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Thursday, March 15, 2007

What the Mraz?

I don't usually get out much. But, tonight I saw myself swing dancing with my hubby on the big screen. It was kind of weird and I'm glad we weren't on there more because I look a little dorky. I could see where we were more often than any other person that knows us will see us... I guess it helps that I knew where we were dancing (in the lower left of your TV screen--close to the stage--you can see us the best during It Don't Mean a Thing).

What I'm really blogging about tonight, though (this is going to count as tomorrow's blog since I doubt many people will really read it this evening), is what I saw on my way to the theater.

Jason Mraz. Okay, I didn't see him. I saw that he's coming to the Rococo Theater downtown on April 12th. I mentioned to Carl that it would be a might fine birthday present for me (coming soon!! April 11th). We tried to buy tickets then and there but the box office was closed for Spring Break. Tickets aren't on sale online yet but I found out they are $28.50. Carl doesn't want to come with me. Any takers? I think Wendy's in. Hollie--wanna make a trip back to Lincoln? I'm pretty sure there are assigned seats so if any of you want to come with--let me know ASAP and we'll get the tickets together.


  1. C Nelson11:36 AM


    OK, I'm sure you told me that your birthday is in April, but for some odd reason (don't ask me why) I thought it was on March 19th.

    So.... let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Your (early) gift is on its way.


    Connie (and Eric too, who does well to remember when his OWN birthday is...)

  2. Sweet! Just so you know, I'm not going to be able to wait until my "real" birthday.

    Your (late) gift is on its way! It should get there today or tomorrow.

  3. Nobody wants to go to Jason Mraz? Snap-o-rama.

    I love him so much I'm willing to go solo.

  4. Hey, if I wasn't puking up my guts last night and this morning, I would've been first on the list!! So Yes, I'm in.

  5. OH NO! I'm sorry you're sick, Wendy! All that partying this week can do that to a person. ;)

    Feel better soon.