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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Caleb has been making such great progress this school year. He's been seeing an occupational therapist since school started because he had problems holding a pencil, opening markers, etc...

Caleb has learned to draw people with various expressions. My favorite is "mad". He gives the face downward turned eyebrows and a small mouth.

Caleb has also learned how to open markers by himself. Now that we have the Color Wonder markers, I don't worry so much about this new found skill.

At snack time in preschool, they practice pouring juice. Caleb seems to think this is really fun and insists on pouring his juice at home. With supervision, he does an okay job.

Yesterday, he decided he needed to practice pouring something else...without supervision.

That's 128 fl. oz. of bubbles (the picture was right side up in photoshop...don't know what happened). We now have about 40 oz. left. About 2 oz. made it into the appropriate container. The rest seeped into the couch.

The cushions were hosed down and placed in the middle of the yard so they could get the best sunlight today.

The cushion covers were washed and dried and are now just waiting for the sun to do its work.

The poor couch has seen better days. I'm going to miss sitting on it today. Maybe tomorrow...

The good news? Caleb went to school today and we've been a puke-free house for over 24 hours.


  1. Congratulations on everyone getting well. Hopefully it will stay that way.

  2. Aw Man! (spoken swiper style)You know, as much of a bummer as it is to have things like that happen, I have come to be so much more patient and forgiving these days about things like that.Like the crayon on the tv screen, or the scribbles on my beautiful covered composition book I made for my RS notes.You just have to be ok when you realize it is just a little person trying to learn and explore his world.Of course there are times when it is a little more upsetting, but welcome to a parent's world!

    I am glad you are all germ free now!

  3. The bright side of things- your cushions got good and clean!

  4. you always have to look on the bright side when kids 'explore'! :o)

  5. Hey, I just thought of something! You just need Carl to sit on the cushions then you can call him

    "Bubble butt!!"

    hee hee.

  6. Haha about the bubble butt. That's funny.

    I think I would have a mental breakdown if that happened to me today. I'm glad not all of the bubbles were lost.

  7. roflol That's soo funny about the bubble butt. Okay, I'm sorry, I had to get the laughing out of my system. I'm sorry about your cushions, that would drive me nuts. At least you realized it and were able to get it cleaned up. Emily once spilled milk on our couch and didn't tell us. It started smelling really gross and finally one day I realized the smell was coming from our couch. A good cleaning fixed the problem, but I would have rather it hadn't sat and stunk things up for so long before we figured out where the smell was coming from.

  8. Janet7:48 PM

    I think this event deserves to go down in the annals of family history. (Will we ever let him live that down?!?!)