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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Still Knitting

After some issues with the yarn choices made pre-knit-off, I got going seriously on the pattern. For the first round the pattern is Uniscarfity from Magknits. I knit as much as I could today without totally neglecting my family and injuring my hands. I would say I'm at least 1/3 of the way finished. I decided to use the yarn it calls for in Husker Red & White. I would have gone with OU Crimson & Cream but I'm going to enter it into the fairs this summer and I think the Husker theme will go over better than OU.

The word on the street is that a lot of people are having problems with the pattern. Or, at least the people that are taking the time to send emails to the knit-off group today. I haven't had any problems and I like the way it is turning out. It isn't a pattern I would have picked for myself and I probably won't wear the scarf all that much, but it is a pretty fun knit.


  1. Good luck, Christy.
    I have no idea how a bobbin fits into knitting. Apparently you do!
    I don't care for the black and purple but red and white sounds a lot better! Are you in a race to see who finishes first? Do you take a picture and e-mail it someplace? Reply when the race is over!!

  2. You'll see me in the back of RS knitting away---assuming I'm not finished by then! If I am, I'll wear it with pride!