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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Germ Bomb

Wendy came up with an excellent idea that at this point I'd pay big bucks for...a germ/flu bomb. If you can get your house bug bombed, why can't somebody do the same thing for all the nasty germs lurking about?

I'm feeling much better today. It's a good thing, too because last night Caleb came into our room at midnight and said he made a mess in his bed. Carl took care of the mess and gave Caleb some water. Then, he put him in our bed. I was like..."No way, José! He's going to puke up that water in our bed and then where will we sleep?". Carl said, "He's held it down this long so it should be good." We'll see. As soon as he started to leave the room, I felt Caleb heave. I yelled at Carl to grab him and he got him to the bathroom in time. While the boys were in the bathroom I made an excellent bed for Caleb. I took the cushion from our chaise and put it down beside our bed. Then I covered the pillow and the cushion in towels. He got an old Blues Clues blanket for warmth. Caleb loved that bed. We also added a bowl for an accessory...just in case (not needed, thank goodness!). I wish I had taken a picture of this bed before we put it away this morning.

Needless to say, Caleb is home from school today. He moved to our bed when Carl got up and he's still sleeping soundly even with me typing away on the computer.

I really hope this ends soon.


  1. What in holy heck has taken over our city? Everyone I talk to has had this or has it right now! I swear I got mine from my students at the dental college, almost every one of them was pale as a sheet the last clinic, and of course they all stayed to see their patients because they're trying to graduate in May. I was like, "GO HOME!! I don't need this!!" I finally feel better this morning too. But I'm waiting for it all to hit again.

  2. Man, that sounds awful. But I wanted to comment and tell you how cute I think your sweater is. VERY cute. And how glad I am you posted those awesome pictures of Carl. Nice.
    Get well soon!

  3. That sounds horrible. Doesn't Carl have any family sick days that he can take? I'd call for reinforcements. Thank goodness for TV.

  4. Carl can come home whenever he wants. He doesn't report his work hours to anyone. He stayed home all day yesterday and now that I'm better I didn't really need him to stay home today.

    Caleb is eating now and not throwing up anymore. So, that is good. It's just another exciting day at my house.

    Book group is tonight and I can't wait!!!

  5. This too shall pass...but not soon enough, huh. Hope you and the kids are feeling better soon. Sure hope Carl doesn't catch this bug.

  6. Poor you! Sorry to hear that the sickness isn't going away.

  7. I don't know which is worse having everyone get it one at a time or doing what our family did and everyone having it at the same time. Hopefully everyone who has had it has developed some immunity so it doesn't come back.

  8. Audra9:07 PM

    UHHHHH- I have felt ill since Sunday night! I don't throw up unless I'm I haven't been puking, but I am not hungry and I just feel ill. i haven't eaten in almost two days. Even water makes me gag. If this is the flu think going around- I hope I am the only one who gets it. John is leaving out of town for work tomorrow and the girls puke at the slightest mention of the word flu- so it could be a messy couple of days...all alone with the kids. Here's to keeping fingers crossed and my humongo can of Lysol!

  9. Man, that really sucks! We had the Audra like flu around here, but no puking. I feel bad for you guys! Keep hydrated:)