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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Garden Time

I just did a little book review over at LDSReaders on this container gardening book. I've been in the gardening mood since it has started to warm up around here. Last summer I planted my first container garden (or even regular garden) ever. Hollie helped me a lot. I didn't know what I was doing and we still came away with some good stuff. This summer I'm more confident and prepared. Carl and I made a list a few days ago on what we would like to plant this season.

Bell Peppers- Last year I planted the cutest baby bell pepper plants. I'm going for a full-size pepper this year.
Tomato--I didn't plant any tomato plants last year and this year I'm going to plant just one.
Onions--This is a new addition from last year as well.
Leeks--Another addition.
Jalapeño- My jalapeño plant last year was the most productive. I'm going to do that again.
Sweet Potato- Carl loves sweet potatoes and last year I had a plant. It turned out well so it stays in the line-up.
Salad Mix- I had one container that I did from a seed packet. It was a salad mix. It turned out really well and was pretty, too.
Garlic--I don't know yet if I'm going to do this for sure.

Herbs: cilantro, basil, garlic chives, oregano

Things I won't try again for a while: cucumbers (they grew but weren't very tasty), mini pumpkins (cute but the vines tried to overrun my other plants), wax peppers (hardly ever cooked with them), carrots (I'd rather buy them--mine weren't that great).


  1. Sounds yummy! Joe and I have been planning ours since it started to snow. Not to bum you out, but garlic (at least here) needs to be planted right before(2 weeks) the first frost. We had a whold row last year, but forgot to plant it in year.

    I liked the 2nd pair of shoes...

  2. Oooh, I had the best carrots last year. They tasted soo yummy. Hold on I'll run outside and find the paper that tells the name of them. ......... Okay, I'm back. The kind I got are called sweetness carrot. I got them at the local gardening store. SOOOOOOO Yummy. My in-laws carrots always taste like dirt, but ours were so yummy. It's a hybrid seed.

  3. Jessica- I'm no expert, but according to my book...growing garlic in containers can be done in the spring. The cloves don't get to be as big but it says it doesn't alter taste. If my garden was in the ground, I'd plant them here in October.

  4. We do a potted herb garden every year too- yummy! Its so easy and nice to just go out and pick fresh herbs from your patio- they are so expensive at the market!

    Let me know how your tomatoes do- I've always been curious!

  5. I've grown tomatoes in containers before. They're awesome. They're indestructible. Same with basil. Someone told me that if you grow basil with tomatoes that something good happens. They grow better or something.

  6. My grandma always said to add a teaspoon of sugar in the ground around the tomato plant. Her tomatoes always were and still are the best.

    Good luck this year. Wasn't Brianna there with us when we went shopping for the plants? She called a couple days ago and said that her parents are moving to Utah.

  7. It's true. They are moving in a few months.

    Remember we were trying to get her to ask out the guy at Earl May?

    Good times.

  8. Janet8:01 PM

    It sounds like your first garden was a smashing success. I hope this year's is even better.