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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FO #15...Ahead of Schedule!

Here's the Argyle Sweater in all of its glory. It was knit in Bernat Cottontots (color Sweet Cream). I used less than 3 skeins. The red and blue were done with Sugar & Cream. That was the worst part of the cardigan. I had so many little balls of red and blue hanging off of it that it kind of drove me nuts. But, it didn't last long. Once I finished that part, I cut the ends short enough that they wouldn't bother me anymore. This took me just under 10 days to complete. I didn't work on any of my other projects during this time, though.

I was going to have the Frog model it, but it's a little small for him. This is going to a boy that just turned 2 and weighs almost 20 lbs. less than our monstrous Frog. It should fit him just fine.

The pattern I used came from the Debbie Bliss book, Special Knits. There are a lot of cute things in that book that I want to make. There aren't a lot of designs for boys, though. That's a little disappointing.

I don't have buttons for this (I've been waiting to buy the buttons for this and the flower jacket together) yet so it's not completely finished. I'm thinking some small red or navy buttons. Or, I might just find some cream to go with the main color. We'll see what they have.

After casting off, I went downstairs to look through my stash to see what I could make next. I want to make a scarf/mitten/hat set for myself out of Cascade 220. But, I don't have the colors I want. So, that will have to wait. I decided to get out some sock yarn that I bought for Sugar Daddy. I'm making him some socks out of Wildfoote color Zane Grey. Here's my progress so far. Sock knitting is slow going with kids around, that's for sure.


  1. I'm always impressed by how quickly you finish things and how great they look when they're finished. I still haven't tried two-color knitting, so the little argyle diamonds look scary to me. I guess I should get brave and just try it.

  2. Deanna3:57 PM

    Christy it looks great and I can hardly wait for the kids to get the opportunity to wear these to church. Once I find a dress for Claire I will have to get her pictures done.... the same for Tim. Thanks again