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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wish List

The visit from the family went off without a hitch. My sister was celebrating her birthday and she wanted "Omaha Steaks", so we went to a local steakhouse, Misty's. It was so yummy! I had an 8 oz. sirloin (medium rare), seafood bisque, potatoes, and 4 bites of a bananas foster cheesecake. Okay, maybe 5 bites. Small ones. The waitress fell in love with the Frog. He was on his best behavior. Big Apple slept through it all.

To change the subject, I'm on a yarn diet. Next month our paycheck is going to be less than half what it normally will be (just because of his start date/contract/crazy stuff) and we're going to feel the pinch. I'm not as sad as I could be, though, because I know that after next month we'll be fine. It's just that it is forcing me to look at my spending habits. No more yarn, needles, Chipotle, etc... for a while. At least until October. The only reason I may have to break this diet is if Wool-Ease goes on sale between now and then. I need it for the boys' Weasley sweaters. What makes me most sad about this is that I found something today that I want so badly it hurts. Click here if you dare. There is just no way that I can justify getting it at the moment. Especially when I'll have to get some new needles as well, to make it. But, someday will be mine!


  1. Good call on Misty's. . .MMM. . . I'm so hungry now!!

  2. glad to hear dinner went well and that Frog was so well behaved. Good luck with the yarn diet!