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Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Acquisition

I've been hoping to get a new entertainment center. We've been using my cedar chest for years. It's about time that I can get out my blankets if I want them without having to take off the tv and all of it's gear. We bought one last Saturday. The price was right, it fits perfectly where it needs to go, and it keeps the dvd and vcr up high enough that the Frog will stop putting everything in them. Here's a pic (downloaded from the ShopKo sale ad). It took all of last night after SD got home from work and most of the morning to get it put together. We'll put the doors on tonight. But, for now that's good enough.

If I can remember to take my camera, I'll have some pics from our outing to the Lancaster County Fair. I'm going today with a girl I met at church. She has a daughter 2 days older than Big Apple. It should be fun. The weather is great today. I think we're going to be around 84 degrees. Perfect!

In knitting news: I finished a sleeve on the flower jacket and I'm about 30 rows (out of 75) in on the second. Unfortunately, the rows get bigger so I know I'm not that close to being halfway done with it. I'll probably be able to start on the back on Saturday or Sunday. I'm also looking for some Koigu (KPM). That stuff is hard to find! There's virtually none of it on eBay and I can't find the color that I want (a deep red or charcoal grey). It's for the cabled purse in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Has anyone made this with a good substitute for the Koigu?

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  1. Very nice-and keeping the kids out of the media equipment is always a plus.