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Monday, August 15, 2005

PFA Update #3

Well, I'm only down 1/2 pound this week. Those molten chocolate cakes are catching up with me! I'm not too down, my body fat is down 2%. I can only assume that is because I am becoming a muscle woman. One can dream.

Have y'all noticed that since I've started PFA that I talk about food more on my blog than before? Am I obsessed? Well, maybe. I must tell you about where we ate this weekend. On Friday night we went out as a family to Chipotle. I've never been there before. Holy cow those burritos are huge and DELICIOSOS! I'm already thinking about how I'm going to be able to go again and get another one. It's not the easiest place to go with kids. Plus, there is no way I can eat a whole one by myself. The cilantro-lime rice is to die for. Yummy yummy. It is my new favorite place.

In knitting news: I'm to row 91 on the back of the flower jacket. At row 105 I can start the armhole shaping. That will be a nice change. At least the rows will get shorter. I'm going to be so glad when this is done.

Before I start the next cardigan (for the boy), I need to get 2 sets of circs (sz 2 &3). Instead of trying to find some in town (Hobby Lobby here only carries even numbers up to size 8 and I don't want to pay $40 for addis at my LYS), I bought a Boye Needlemaster on eBay for less than half price. Good enough. Now I'll have sizes 2-15 with all different lengths of cables at my fingertips. I realized this will also be good for this next project because the ribbing is done in size 2 and the rest in size 3 so I won't even have to take it off the needles, I can just switch out the tips. Genius.

I'm going to join the newest Weasley-along. You can find out about it by going to The Blue Blog (I'm too lazy to link to it right now...just go to my sidebar to find the link). I've been wanting to make Weasley sweaters for my brothers (and for myself) but haven't been able to find a pattern and I've been too lazy (notice a pattern here?) to make one up myself. It looks like Allison is going to work one up for us. Awesome. In anticipation for my Harry Potter knitting, I took a sorting quiz. Here are my results. What's up with having more than 100%?

You scored 20% Slytherin, 20% Ravenclaw, 64% Gryffindor, and 20% Hufflepuff!
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart.

Gryffindors are known for their courage, audacity, and devotion to what is good and honest.


  1. So can you give us an URL for the Weasley along?

  2. She hasn't set it up yet. She said to check back to her blog (the Blue Blog) later this week. I'll be sure and post it once it is up and running.

  3. Amen to the Chipotle rice and I love the chips with the hint of lime too! I probably couldn't knit the sweater to save my life, but I wannna see yours when it's done!!