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Monday, August 22, 2005

PFA Update

Well, Project Fat Arse is trucking along. Actually, not so much. I stayed the same this week. No loss and luckily, no gain. I think it's time to kick the nutrition in high gear. The exercising is coming along quite nicely. It helps my motivation to know that some lovely ladies at the Y will watch my kids while I ride a bike or walk for about 45 minutes and then spend the next hour piddling around in the locker room taking a shower (the kind I don't get at home...uninterrupted!), blow drying my hair, finishing a chapter or two in a book. When it's finally time for me to go and get my kids, I'm ready for them. I actually missed them. I'm ready to go back to mommy mode. That is, until the Frog decides he doesn't want to walk to the car and would rather walk a step, flop out, walk a step, flop out the whole way. Meanwhile, I have Big Apple in the car seat in one hand and two bags on my shoulder. The Frog has no mercy. I'm sure I burn more calories on the walk in and out of the Y than I do actually exercising.

They are doing some bra fittings at JC Penney this week. I need to call and set up an appointment. I am in desperate need of a good exercise bra (sorry about this part, Eric). I don't think the ones I have would hold up (pun intended...ha ha) in an aerobics class. There is one that I really want to try, too. It's dance aerobics. I may be fat, but I've got rhythm! :) So, if I can remedy the bra situation, I hope to become a regular attendee of this class. It meets T/Thu so then I could use M/W/F for my biking/walking/swimming days.

So, back to the nutrition. I'm really confused as to what to do. For my PCOS, low carb is recommended. But, that gets really expensive with all of the meat...not to mention kind of boring after a while. I think maybe I'll start just by cutting out what I know I shouldn't be eating (bye bye molten chocolate cakes) and replace it with healthier choices that I like (bring on the jicama!).

That's it for the PFA update this week.

1 comment:

  1. You're smart spending some time away from the kids. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? I could use some absence...

    Off topic, I watched reruns of Tommy Lee goes to college and am embarrassed to say I enjoyed it. I hope he doesn't screw up his roommates good grades. I once had a coworker from that college, I remember that they were NUTS about their football and marching band. I'll be watching for you and Carl at the football games with your bodies painted red.