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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tribute to a Frog

I love my little Frog. He's a spirited young lad, that's for sure. I just had to share something that happened today at church (and also some great pics from our own spaghetti night). Frog is never really reverent. I don't expect him to be perfect, he's two. But, I do like it when he'll sit on the pew and play quietly. Today was not one of those days. He was more hyper than usual. During the sacrament portion (when we have the bread and water), Frog decided to sing a song. Lucky for me it wasn't "Roses" by Outkast. You know the one..."roses really smell like poo poo poo". He was singing "I am a Child of God". Everyone was being so quiet and then you can hear the Frog belting out the song...I am a child of God and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me. Help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do, to live with Him someday.
One of the stake presidency was visiting (an area leader of the church) and he mentioned Frog's song during his talk. Apparently, he liked it. I got a lot of comments from people on how sweet this was. I'm glad they appreciated it because I was about to slink down in my seat and hide.
I'm starting to really like my ward. It's growing on me. I'm starting to know more people and I don't feel like the "new girl" anymore. I'm gaining more confidence and have been talking to more people. We're also going to try and buy a house next year within these ward boundaries (the schools we have decided on are in this area) so we'll be here for a LONG time.
Okay. Here are some pictures from spaghetti night. The last one is definitely my favorite.


  1. Good stuff. I hear that spagetti sauce is good for the skin.

  2. I guess the Spirit really moved Frog today! I think that would be cute -- none of the kids in my ward provide reverent sacrament music.

    You're good -- it took me two years to stop feeling like the "new girl" in my ward. After three years, there are still some people I've never spoken to. Actually, about half the ward.

  3. Like you, I'm glad Frog picked a Primary song. An exuberent "Child of God" is so much cuter than the wall-shaking tantrum Tristan threw in his Sunday School class today. The entire building heard him.
    I know what you mean about finally fitting in. I went back to 4th ward to hear one of my former students speak before he leaves on his mission. (a talk formerly known as a "farewell") Anyway, I drove from there to Blanchard with tears in my eyes missing my old ward until I walked through the door and realized I feel at home here now too. Any place that can still love my son when his screams threaten the wimdow glass has to be a good place, right?

  4. Great blog, just surfed in. Your pictures are cute and the sweater is kickin!! I love knitting!
    Stop by my blog sometime!

  5. very cute!! Both the song and spagetti pics. Everyone has to have those cute pics of saucy faces of their kids. Good luck with house shopping, we just purchased our first home and close on it in a little less than 3 weeks.

  6. I was a witness to this sweet little song. It was so cute! I looked at my kids when I heard it to see if they were paying attention and my Madison just grinned! Cute pics too!

  7. It must have been one of those Sundays. John was away on assignment. Nathan would not stop screaming "Tal" at the top of his lungs. Once when I scooped him up to take him out, he belted out "Rock-a-bye Baby." I finally decided I wasn't returning after leaving like 5 million times. After a while, I saw Matthew poke his head out the chapel doors. I think he felt abandoned. Good thing the Bishop talked about reverence in Sacrament meeting a few weeks ago . . .

    It's nice to know (and a bit scary) Frog and Nathan are on the same wave-length two states away.

  8. Hello,

    I saw your comment on my blog and decided to check your out. I will go back and read the archives to get your whole story, but I wanted to thank you for your comment. I loved the picture of your son and the story. My little man is only 10 months old right now but I can SO see this kind of thing in his future. Is your daughter AA too? Is she older or younger?

    I will keep checking your blog (great, now I sound like all that spam I keep getting on the blog). Thanks for the encouragement. We are now at about 5 weeks past the first due date we were given and it feels like the baby is never going to come....


  9. oh lovely! i'm totally giggling at if he'd sung the outkast song! ah spaghetti... frog was such a cutie eating it those are lovely pix!

  10. ok. One more comment. These really are great pics. I have been showing them to people at work.

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    That song incident is a crack-up--now anyway. I understand the want-to-crawl-into-a hole feeling. Sugar Daddy did that to me once.
    The pictures are classic. Thanks for posting them.