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Friday, September 02, 2005


The Crafty Conservative
I've been at a loss these past couple of days as to what to blog about. Everything seems so trivial. The Katrina coverage is starting to get to me. We don't have any extra money this month to give and they aren't suggesting that we donate actual physical items, yet. We donate somewhat regularly to our church's humanitarian aid fund so I guess I've done some to help out. But, I feel really helpless. I've decided I need to stop watching the coverage (at least as much as I have been). The good news: I can't help but look at my kids and my home and be so grateful for what we have.


  1. I can identify. I think we all want to do so much but just feel overwhelmed by not being able to do enough. If that made any sense.

    You know, there are some that might think it futile, but prayers would be an awfully huge contribution now too.

  2. i know what you're saying! i think even if everyone just donated as little as $5 that would do wonders and of course prayers are good. I've found with tragedy you can't just give up and stop doing everything you grow so much by picking up and moving on and getting thru all the hardship. and it's wonderful when everyone pulls together to help! there are many crafty sites that you can donate something you've made to raise money for the relief. so that's something you could check out! anyways i'm with you I'm so grateful for my family here and we're all safe. my husband and i are discussing how much money we'd like to donate.. we're also going to talk to our pastors about taking an extra offering this week for the relief! anyways i will stop writing a book!