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Monday, August 01, 2005

Update: PFA

The Crafty Conservative

I've got an update after my first full week of Project Fat Arse. I worked out at the Y only 3 times, succumbed to PMS cravings, ate pizza for 2 days straight, and didn't do much else. All that being said, I still lost a pound. So, at least I didn't gain!

O magazine this month is all about food. They came up with their own Zodiac diet (of course, not a real diet...just for fun). I'm an Aries and this is what it says about me:

Headstrong and passionate, you are terrific at kicking off a diet, not so great at sustaining one. Best bet: a short-term, intense regimen that grips your least until you get sick of it. Or try a weight loss competition with a friend. You can't fathom coming in second.

That is so true about the competition. If I can win something or beat someone else, I'm all about it. Maybe I'll get my sister to do a competition with me. Too bad she doesn't have any money for me to win from her. :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a big believer in astrology, but that has you pegged. (I say that with love.) As a recent return visitor to PMS-ville, I say all bets are off as far as dieting goes when your hormones are raging. Seriously, I forgot how bad it was. Three days are better than none, by the way. Pat yourself on the back!