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Friday, August 19, 2005

FO #14 The Flower Jacket!

Finished Object #14 (of 2005) has arrived! This is a Debbie Bliss design called Smock Jacket with Floral Panels. I can't recall which book it came from. I had checked it out from the library and then when we moved, I just had a copy of the pattern. I used Bernat Cottontots in white and Sugar & Cream cotton for the swiss darned flowers. It only took me 5 skeins to do this and they cost me a whopping $2.77 (on sale...reg price $3.27) a skein. I had to use size 3 needles and mess with the pattern a little bit to get the right size I wanted using this yarn. I ended up using the six month pattern but got the dimensions of a 24-36 month jacket. I think I was getting 20 stitches per 4 inch instead of the called for 25. But there was no way I was going to knit this bugger on size 1 needles!

I really like this design. I usually find moss stitch tedious but because there are cables and the diamonds, it kept my interest. Swiss darning was much simpler than I had thought. I was kind of dreading that part but once I got started, I even thought of adding flowers to all of the diamonds. But, that would have been too much of a good thing, I'm afraid.

Even the back has some of the moss stitch diamond motif. I thought that was a nice addition to the pattern if for nothing else than to reward me for getting that far along the back without quitting!

All I have left to do with this is a little bit of pressing (the moss stitch hem rolls up a bit) and find the perfect buttons. Any suggestions? Should I go with plain white buttons or jazz it up a bit with rose colored or maybe even a decorative gold or silver? I'll probably go looking for some buttons next week. I still have to finish a boy's cardigan (actually start and finish) before I can send this one out. But, I can't tell you what a great feeling it is to have this one finally finished! I'm looking forward to casting on for the other cardigan (another Debbie Bliss design) as soon as possible. Happy knitting all!


  1. It is soooo beautiful! You are a pro.

  2. Hmm...this might look good on BA. If only there were photographic proof of this...

  3. It would drown the Big Apple. But, I did put it on the Frog for a moment today before I sewed in the sleeves. I didn't want to leave it on him long enough for a picture because he is prone to getting dirty. I'll have some great pics of the kids up tomorrow. There are some that put the paparazzi pizza photo to shame!

  4. Christy, that is gorgeous!! I vote for some little burgundy buttons to match the roses! And who is the lucky winner of this adorable jacket??

  5. Beautiful! I'm knitting a similar sweater and I only hope mine turns out as well as yours. I might have to look up this pattern and try it out.

    I have the same guage problem -- using the 6-month size pattern, but ending up with a garment big enough for a two- or three-year-old. My niece is only three months old! I did a guage swatch and everything (my guage was RIGHT ON), after going down one needle size from the pattern, but it's still huge. This is my second attempt -- I frogged the first one after 60 rows because it was big enough for a 4-year-old! I must be a REALLY loose knitter.

  6. How adorable! Your good! I'm jelous:) i feel like such a slacker, i haven't been knitting much at all lately... crazy summer days. i also want to know who this beautiful jacket is for?!

  7. Hi Christy! Just returning the visit. GORGEOUS baby sweater. I have been researching the Weasley yarn. I may have to go with the Rowan Felted Tweed after all. Looking forward to knitting along with you!

  8. Deanna7:13 PM

    I am the lucky winner of this beautiful sweater! I can hardly wait to find the perfect dress to wear with :) I was pleased to help Christy with her last adoption and our adopted princess will wear this until it is too small and then the Big Apple will get a chance to wear it too. I promise to take great care of it. Thanks so much Christy I know they will both look adorable in their sweaters. I know a lot of time and love went into their creation.