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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

For Your Winding Pleasure

I bought a ball winder yesterday on eBay. I couldn't wait any longer. It had to be done. Plus, I had Sugar Daddy's approval. We had a paypal coupon (he's a sucker for coupons!) that expired yesterday and we couldn't find anything else that we "needed" that fit the requirements (at least $19.99).

I also wanted to get a swift. Those darn things are expensive. Instead, I found a vintage skein caddy. It should work well enough and the price was right. I'll save up for a swift or ask for one for Christmas if this one doesn't work well enough for me.

I'm plugging away on the back of the Flower Jacket. I have 25 rows done so far. I have to do at least 100 before I can even start the armhole shaping. I'm knitting with cotton on long, straight size 3 needles so my hands get crampy after just a few rows. It's not going too quickly. But, I'm determined to get this darn thing done so I can start on the Scotty Sweater. That sweater is for the brother of the recipient of this flower jacket. I hope to have them both done by the middle of October (at the latest!). They need to be able to wear them this season. I also found out that this family has been matched again for a baby boy due in December. Hmmm.... I believe I'll have to knit something up for that kiddo, too. Their oldest just turned 2, the girl just turned 1, and they're getting another one in December! Wow. This family seems to really have it together, though. The mom thrives having little ones around. I think I would go crazy having 3 kids under 3. Two under 3 at a time is my limit.

I guess that's about it from here today. Happy knitting one and all!


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