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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Little Bit Frantic

My mom, her husband, and my sister are coming to spend the night tonight. They are on their way from Utah to Oklahoma (coming home from my grandpa's 80th birthday). We're just an hour out of the way and I have the grandkids so it's a good excuse to stop here. I thought they were leaving this morning and would get here really late tonight. Well, they left yesterday afternoon to get a headstart. They will be here in two hours. I was kind of counting on having tonight to pick up around the house and I wasn't (and still am not) really prepared to have to serve dinner for all of us. Hmmm. I just got back from the Y and the kids aren't napping. So, instead of cleaning, I decided to blog about it. I've got my priorities in order. Luckily it's trash day so I got rid of a lot of the extra boxes and trash that we stashed in the basement. I'm probably not in too much of a bind. Maybe I can convince them to eat at Chipotle tonight. Otherwise, it's the famous spaghetti for us all.

Thanks for the Weasley comments. I'm definitely going to go with the wool-ease. I'm just going to keep checking the Hobby Lobby website until they have it on sale. I checked at the Lion Brand site and they have several colors that I think would work. Unfortunately, some of my favorites are now discontinued. Oh well.


  1. Hey Christy, a clean house is so overrated--just look at mine!
    Valentinos Pizza also has a pretty good, and big buffet (big variety of food), it's at 70th and Van Dorn (not too far from where we had the picnic on Saturday)
    Good luck!

  2. Say "Hi" to your mom from me and the kiddos. She got to know Caroline pretty well in the nursery.

  3. How long has it been since they have seen the kids....if it has been more than a month the grandkids will overshadow and kind of crazy house! LOL! Good luck have fun...and I vote for eating out! YUM!!