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Monday, August 08, 2005

PFA Update #2

I finished my second full week of PFA. Before I tell you how it went, let me mention the most awesome dessert I've ever made. In honor of my anniversary, I made molten chocolate cakes. Basically it's an individual cake with melted chocolate in the center. Divine. Sugar Daddy and I each ate two. We had to, the recipe made four and there was no way I was going to get the Frog to try some. Think of THAT sugar high! No thank you.

Even with the molten cakes, I lost another pound. Slowly but surely. I haven't changed my eating habits much. I do eat out less but other than that, I'm not doing too much differently as far as food goes. I am exercising. That seems to be the key. Now, if I can just get my act together and stop eating molten chocolate cakes all day, the progress might be a little quicker. Let's just say, I'm not complaining. I'm in PFA for the long haul...or until Christmas (j/k).

I had a nasty UTI last week that kept me from going to the Y more than twice. Yuck-a-roni. I don't have insurance yet. The coverage doesn't start until the 15th. What terrible timing, eh? I tried some over-the-counter stuff. I gave it two days to work. After that, I went to the doctor. They have a little minor emergency clinic so I went there. The Dr. was really nice. He only works there and I was kind of bummed b/c I would have liked to have him for my regular physician. Oh well. I'll just have to find some other nice person to be my doctor.

Here's a gratuitous pic of Big Apple hot off the presses. Isn't she just so cute? This may be hard to believe but I had a more difficult time bonding with her than I did with the Frog. Maybe because Frog came first and I didn't have another child wanting my attention 24/7. You'll all be happy to know that I'm more than fully attached to this one now and SO HAPPY to have her be a part of our family!

I don't want to play here is a pic of my virtuoso, the Frog. You'll also notice one of his Teletubbies, Dipsy, isn't too far away. Look at that form! As a former piano teacher, I must out world! :) This kid can play a mean piano and he always expects applause at the end. What a ham.

I have actual knitting content for tomorrow. I made a few more eBay purchases (Sugar Daddy approved!).


  1. What cutie pies you have! They have grown so much since i've sarted reading your blog.
    Those molten chocolate cakes sound wonderful! i'm almost drooling:) congratulations on your annivesary, sounds like you've come a long way, many more years to come:)

  2. Cute pics and the bonding thing? Totally normal. Frog? A ham? Really?! Like mother like son. And so I don't play favorites, Big Apple is beautiful too.

  3. Oh-and yay! on the lost pound. I guess that was the point of the whole post, wasn't it?

  4. Yum! I'm drooling, I need the recipe!