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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tommy Lee Goes to College w/ UPDATE

Here's a show that under normal circumstances, I would avoid. However, since it takes place on the University of Nebraska campus...I feel obligated to watch. I'm most interested to see the sights of Lincoln. They are bound to have Tommy Lee go places and do things that I haven't heard about yet. Plus, from the promos I gather that he is going to play in the marching band. I've never been known to turn down a show with a marching band!

UPDATE: I watched the show. It wasn't too bad. I wasn't too great either. I got bored. I do find Tommy Lee quite endearing, though. I also loved the lady at the chancellor's office that said he was good looking. Is it just a coincidence that the professor they chose as his academic advisor is named Professor Gay? The parts with the marching band were definitely my favorite. I'll have to tune in next week to see him perform at a football game.

Melessa: when I was in Oklahoma I saw the first few episodes of Being Bobby Brown. I know what you mean. But, I was most hooked on Blow Out. Someday soon I'll get more than 3 channels and be able to watch it again.


  1. At least you have some good reasons to tune in there. I'm not sure why I've seen several episodes of "Being Bobby Brown." I don't go out of my way to watch it, but if it's on and the kids are in bed, it's like a train wreck. I just can't help myself. Just remember to shoot me if I ever use "Bobby Brown" and "Tivo" in the same sentence.

  2. I was a little scared to watch Tommy Lee but I guess I'll have to catch it next time. What the heck was the Chancellor thinking? I know, let's get a rocker to increase admissions???
    And my only comment about Bobby Brown comes to you as a dental hygienist. . . the comments he made about his 'sonicare' were WAY out of line!! I agree, it's a total train wreck, and I. .. can't . . .stop. . . watching. . . help. .. me