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Monday, April 28, 2008

Diamond Week

It's no secret that I love me some Neil Diamond. After that 2005 concert I said I probably didn't need to see him in concert again. I lied. I can't help myself. It has been 3 years! He's coming to Nebraska in July. I'm considering going by myself. I'm definitely okay with that. I don't know anyone around here that loves him enough to want to go (and if I do go, I'm splurging for the floor seats). It is just that it will be two weeks before I go to NYC and I'm going to be having plenty of fun there. Oh, the dilemma! Can I really pass up an opportunity to see Neil? We shall see...

Tomorrow night they are singing Neil Diamond songs on American Idol. I have mixed emotions about this. I am anxious to see what they sing but there is no way they can compare with the MASTER. It will be fun to see what Neil has to say about them. Here are the songs that I would pick for each idol:

Brooke--Hello Again
David Archuleta--September Morn
Syesha--Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
David Cook--Love on the Rocks (a rocked out version) or America

Here are the songs that I think they will choose for themselves:

Brooke--Hello Again
David Archuleta--I Am, I Said
Syesha-- You Don't Bring Me Flowers
David Cook--Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon
Jason--Red, Red Wine

Friday morning, Neil will be on the Today show for their concert series. Set your DVRs. Or not. You know I'll have it!


  1. When in July is he coming? Thanks to Girls' Camp and our June 6th Spamalot tickets, I can't come to KCity-BUT, I'm thinking I might be able to road trip to Nebraska for Neil in July. (That is, if you want the company.)

  2. I'm thinking that might be really, really fun you temptress! I'll email you the details.

  3. I know nothing about American Idol and I've never seen the show, but I totally trust you to pick better Neil songs for these people then they've picked for themselves.

    Brooke is in my brother's Ward, and, according to my sister-in-law, one of the Davids goes to church with her almost every Sunday when he's in LA. I assume everyone except me knows about this show and knows which David. She says the young women in the Ward act like they've died and gone to heaven every Sunday. I'll probably meet these folks when I'm in LA next weekend, and I can tell them to hire you as their song-selection adviser in the future -- especially if they don't do well with their song selections this week (I guess that would only apply to David, since Brooke's choice gets your thumbs-up).

  4. It is David Archuleta that goes with Brooke. He's a 17 yr. old cutie from Murray, UT.

    If you see Brooke, tell her I'm rooting for her! If she wins, I get a bunch of yarn from my ravelry group. ;)

  5. So far I like what David Cook has chosen to sing. I was hoping for this night to be better than it was though. There are still three songs left. We'll see what happens.

    Also, that is a crack up what your friend Anne said. I would love to hear what she thinks when she meets them. Maybe she should do a celebrity sightings post or something:)

  6. OK, it got better:)