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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Raffle Prizes!!!!

Living with autism is something we do around here 24/7. It isn't easy but there are many joys that come from it as well. Could your 20 month old sing all sorts of jingles and recognize stores by their signage? That's a pretty good skill, let me tell you. He'd see a Subway sign and say, "Subway! Eat Fresh!". Menard's was the first one we knew he could recognize. He saw an ad from the paper and said, "Nards". Good times. It also helps when I can't remember all the words from any tv show we've ever seen. Caleb remembers. He also knows the names of almost every single person that goes to our church. He says hi to them whenever he sees them (sometimes---okay, most of the time---right in the middle of services).

We have passed one fundraising goal and now I can't be stopped! I've got to reach that $1000 mark. I know it can be done. Caleb's Walk for Autism Team is a way for us to generate awareness and funds for Autism Speaks.

To sweeten the deal for those that donate, I've added another raffle prize. Each $2 donation gets your name in the pot for this:
$50 Gift Certificate to Stampin' Up (redeemable through me)
2008 Spring/Summer idea book/catalog
Brand new Stampin' Pastels
New Stampin' Scrub
New Stampin' Around handle (regular size)
New Stampin' Around ink cartridge (Pixie Pink)
In my best Jeff Probst impression, "Worth playing for?".

Use this button to donate!

All donations are still eligible for the Beauticontrol raffle as well. That drawing will be held on April 28th. The drawing for the Stampin' Up package will be April 30th.

Please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested in winning these great products and/or helping out for a great cause!



  1. I met a lady last night at JCPenney portraits who teaches K-2nd grade to kids with autism and she had her friend's autistic daughter with her. I think the girl was maybe ten or twelve. She looked really happy and was extremely friendly.

    Anyway, I told her about your fundraising efforts. We had a nice chat.

  2. Well I could put all this good stuff to use..scrapbooking while camping... I just need a rolling cart ;) Are you ready for us this summer ....

  3. I'm ready for you guys, Deanna! I hope you're ready for US!