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Saturday, April 19, 2008

SMART Habit Saturday

I must admit that I'm doing really well on my habit this month. I am extremely motivated to do it. Go figure? I've been working on making some kind of craft every day. This is for my sanity as well as for the Open House I'm having to help raise money for Autism Awareness Month. Yes, I have to mention it. Check out this post to find out about the latest raffle. I'm on my way to raising $1,000 for Autism Speaks. Last night I dreamt that Brad Pitt donated because he loves my blog. Brad Pitt? If you're out there? I need about $400 more to make it to my goal!

Anyway, I have been on a roll these past couple of days working on cards. Having a clean craft room sure does help (thanks, SMART habit Saturday for that one, too!). Not only am I making a bunch of cards, I'm cleaning up after each different card. I put away all the ink, punches, paper, etc... Then, I start fresh when I work on a different design. Seems like a no brainer but I've never worked like that before. I just let it pile on top of pile until I as done and then I might put it away later. It is probably no wonder my craft room looked like it did!

My husband is away this weekend on a scout campout so while the kids were asleep, I didn't have anyone or anything to distract me (besides my self) so I knocked out a good pile of cards and tags. I think in the past 2 days I've made over 50 cards and about that many tags. I LOVE IT!

Now if only I were so motivated to do laundry.


  1. I love your habit! I think we need to have fun habits as well as not so fun habits. Let me know if Brad Pitts donates!

  2. Christy, that's amazing! I am so the same way with my craft space...piles and piles and boxes and bags full of stuff that I have had scattered about with whatever project. It sure makes a huge difference when yo have a nice tidy organized space to "craft" in. It is more enticing to sit down and do it! Good for you!

  3. Way to go putting your supplies away as you work. I used to leave everything out too and then I wondered why I never had room to work!

  4. It must be a crafting thing because I am usually that way too. That's why I've just recently decided to try and put stuff away before I start a new project. It's nice, but It's so much harder to get motivated to put it away, but It's easier to get started on new things when it is clean.

  5. I have that same problem. My desk at works look likes a train wreck. I say its because I'm constantly interrupted (true) and never finish anything in one sitting (true). I also never have enough time to get done the necessities to spend time cleaning up. But I think I'd like it much better if I did.