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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project 365


The kids were out of school on Monday so we went with "the girls" to get some more of the Lincoln Safari clues.

Just another shot from our Earth Day celebration making paper beads.

Some pink converse booties sent off to a new home.

More cards. Getting ready for the open house.

One of the "areas" in my house. We had a great time and I consider it a success. Come back tomorrow for the winner of one of the raffles!

04/26/08Kerry came to visit!!!! We ate Mexican food, sampled a lot of licorice, and bought some matching bling! Check out that awesome ring on her finger! We got it from Ten Thousand Villages. It was such a good time! Saying goodbye wasn't too difficult knowing that I'll see her again in just over a month at Girls Weekend 2008 in KANSAS CITY!!! I'll be blogging about that in the next day or two.


Check it out! We hung our bathroom mirror. We did it this afternoon. I think it looks pretty nice. Now I want to change out our outlets because they are off white. Probably not going to happen, though. Next on the bathroom list is to finish the vanity (we are putting something on the top), change out the sink and faucet, and then finally...the floors!

What a week!


  1. Janet8:26 PM

    Thanks for all the terrific pictures. The kids are so cute. Those booties turned out to be adorable!

  2. I love your bathroom pictures. I really enjoy dreaming about blue and white bathrooms. Nice job!

    And what a fabulous picture of Kerry!

  3. I'm so jealous, that mexican food is making me want some chips and salsa. Too bad the kiddos are already in bed. :(

  4. I'm with Ginger, that is a fabulous picture of Kerry! I'm glad you two had a good time together, but then how could you not? She told me about the licorice tasting and I was instantly hungry for Zout or Dubble Zout from Holland. I grew up on that stuff! Yum. Granted it's not a taste for every palate... sigh.

    Your pictures and projects look nice too. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey yah! Nice picture of Kerry! Ha ha! Actually, I am not totally horrified like I was worried I might be! I had such a great day! I wore my "happy girls' day" ring to church today. I was waiting for the onslaught of comliments, but alas...not a word. Oh well. And of course, I was really wanting the rest of my chimichanga today. Sigh...oh well! I need the copies of the pictures you took so I can blog about it too!And btw...I met Carl's cousin at church today. Judy's daughter, that I forgot her name now. She was in agreeance that you are the best!

  6. Your cards are all remarkably nice. Every time I think I've seen my favorite you post a picture of a new one that I like even better. Your brain must be an endless fount of card ideas.

  7. Those converse booties are awesome!